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Soluna Partners DMG Blockchain For Morocco Wind Farm

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Soluna to create a record-breaking wind farm in Morocco, utilizing blockchain.

It is true that renewable clean energy is the future of the developed world. Given that, the patience of our planet is waning in the face of sustained pollution. Wind energy, among others, ranks as one of the promising energy sources to power future technology. In the light of this, one of the leading companies planted in the driver’s seat steering the energy revolution is Soluna Technologies, Ltd.

In line with its low-cost renewable energy, Soluna is entering into a strategic agreement with DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. Ultimately, this pioneering alliance will facilitate the company’s ambition of building an intimidating 37,000-acre wind farm in Southern Morocco.

According to Dan Reitzik, Founder and CEO, DMG:

We are excited about our new strategic partnership with Soluna. I’m confident that our proven expertise in managing, operating, and developing end-to-end digital solutions for the blockchain ecosystem will complement Soluna’s unique approach. We look forward to being an integral part of the long-term success of Soluna’s mission.

Soluna Setting the Pace for Wind Energy

Certainly, a 37,000-acre wind farm sounds outrageous, right? Yes, it will become the largest wind farm the world has ever seen. This is pretty impressive considering the technology Soluna is planning to lace this project with. The green firm plans on using self-contained, flexible technologies which will be scalable in executing this project.

Albeit, such technologies will allow Soluna to enjoy uncommon efficiencies only seen with utility-scale operations. There will be an integration of energy resources with a host of computing facilities. This will eventually enable the attainment of futuristic blockchain breakthroughs.

Therefore, DMG Blockchain Solutions will synchronize technologies with Soluna in the areas of data center design, hardware procurement, and system monitoring, as far as mining setups go. Additionally, DMG will provide the technical support for this project. Aside from this, DMG will also install a 5MW innovation lab located in British Columbia.

According to John Belizaire, CEO:

Our partnership with DMG represents an important step forward for Soluna. Having the right partners is critical, and DMG is best-in-class. DMG benefits from deep global expertise in building large-scale computing facilities and brings a wealth of blockchain mining and infrastructure knowledge to the project.  As we plan the first stage of development for our project in Morocco, we are thrilled to have a seasoned partner to galvanize our efforts to create the world’s first vertically-integrated blockchain computing company.

Opening Renewable Energy to Blockchain

When all is said and done, this further consolidates the audacity of Soluna in bringing blockchain to renewable energy. Furthermore, among the company’s impressive portfolio, is the innovative application of renewable energy in advanced technological operations like high-density computations in the form of cryptocurrency mining.


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