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SubstratumNode Penetrates China’s Great Firewall

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China is always erecting walls, but the software one can be bypassed with SubstratumNode

China’s great firewall is not immune to bypass after all. The same became clear when a Chinese citizen was able to bypass the firewall and access restricted websites. The citizen achieved a significant milestone with the help of a SubstratumNode.

SubstratumNode vs. China Great Firewall

For those still in the dark, Substratum is part of a decentralized network. Similarly, each node in the network can receive requests from users and route them back to the original requester. Encrypting requests and passing them along the network nodes is also necessary.

The routing aspect is the most important aspect of SubstratumNode. Whenever information is routed through a network of nodes, then the oppressing body, which can be a firewall, cannot block website requests.

Likewise, even if an oppressor was able to block one SubstratumNode, it cannot block myriads of nodes on the network. The multitude of nodes in the network makes it possible for routing requests to go through.

According to Substratum, this new option provides people a way of circumventing internet censorship. The new routing system should be of great help in countries with stringent internet censorship rules. The fact that Substratum was able to bypass China’s great firewall shows it could also be of great help in Iran and Russia, not to mention its increased relevance in the West as well.

The Substratum is part of a three-part ecosystem that comes with a cryptocurrency payment gateway CryptoPay. It also features a decentralized fiat-to-altcoin exchange dubbed Amplify Exchange. According to Substratum CEO, Justin Tabb, bypassing China’s great firewall is a milestone achievement in the fight against internet censorship.

The fact that it was a member of our community, one of the Beta node hosts, that did the work to prove this out makes me especially proud, grateful and blessed to have such an amazing community supporting our efforts,said Mr. Tabb.

Substratum Credentials

Substratum is not just for bypassing internet censorship. Individuals who use the network stand a chance to earn SUB cryptocurrency for running a SubstratumNode. Plans are also underway to launch a third piece of the ecosystem.

Amplify Exchange is the third part that Substratum project developers are working on. Amplify will operate as a distributed and decentralized exchange whereby SubstratumNode will act as the driving force.

SubstratumNode will process transactions in the exchange and consequently provide operators a way of earning AMPX tokens. Similarly, project developers expect increased transaction volume on the network.

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