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TRON Co-Founder Sees A Top Ten Future For TRX

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TRON Co-Founder Sees A Top Ten Future For TRX

One digital currency that the crypto industry can’t stop talking about currently, is TRON (TRX). Currently, its blockchain is gaining traction as a preferred choice for crypto companies to launch ICOs.

In a recent interview to Investopedia, TRON’s Justin Sun talked about big plans for the cryptocurrency ahead. Additionally, Sun plans to bring TRX in the top-ten list on CoinMarketCap charts in the next six months.

Combining TRON and BitTorrent

Justing Sun said that he plans to take a number of noteworthy steps which are in the pipeline to help TRON climb the ladder. However, to begin with, Sun plans to first improve the robustness of its decentralized application ecosystem.

Sun said, “We’re aiming to complete one of our key milestones in the fourth quarter: to combine TRON and BitTorrent and create a unique and outstanding product.”

Furthermore, Sun also plans to enhance the performance of BitTorrent’s decentralized protocol by leveraging TRON’s blockchain expertise. Sun stated that the TRON team is currently working on the approval of Bim Execution Plans [BEPs] for both the protocols. He also added that it will help to facilitate the merging of BitTorrent technology and the TRON blockchain.

Furthermore, Sun sounded pretty confident on his ambition to make TRON the world’s largest decentralized protocol. “TRON is set to surpass Ethereum on the road to becoming the world’s largest decentralized protocol. We will be delivering on these key milestones in the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of 2019,” he added.

Solidifying the Recognition for TRON Protocol

Justin Sun said that his immediate goal is to increase the awareness and recognition of its protocol. Additionally, the team plans to expand its blockchain application in the gaming and entertainment industry.

“We’ve already seen quite a few outstanding TRON dApps like BitGuild being built on or migrated to the TRON network. In the next two quarters, we expect even more developers to flock to TRON, which will boost our overall performance,” said Sun.

Sun said that they would continue to work on optimizing the performance of TRON protocol. He also says that many of the top 10 cryptocurrencies are still not focusing on improving or innovating their product. This is where he thinks that TRON has got an edge over them.

“TRON, on the other hand, is a young company with cutting edge technology, with much more room for growth. We are confident that TRON (TRX) will surge into top 10 in the next 6 months,” he added.


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