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TronLink Enables Internet Browsers To Access TRON (TRX)

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TronLink Enables Internet Browsers To Access TRON (TRX)

In July, TronWatch builders announced the development of TronLink after the TRON (TRX) Mainnet launched successfully. TronLink has one mission: to simplify access to the TRON blockchain through common Internet browsers. Indeed, the access to the TRON blockchain ought to be done in the same way that MetaMask does with Ethereum blockchain. What’s more?TronLink allows app developers to develop and interact with decentralized apps (dApps) using any browser of their choice. In short, it doesn’t matter if it is Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. The interaction with dApps will, in turn, make it easier for them to use smart contracts.

Downloading the Beta Version of TronLink

If you are wondering if the Beta version of TronLink is available for download, you don’t have to wonder any longer. This is because the TronWatch team has released a statement, informing all interested developers that the current version is now available. Yes, it is in its late Beta stage of development. Given that this is just the Beta version, it means that this is still not the full release. Nonetheless, if you wish to give it a try, do well to keep that in mind before clicking on the download tab.

Also, if you use Chrome or Firefox, you can access it on the Chrome Store, or the Firefox Add-ons page respectively. Lest we forget, you may also use the TronLink inside of the Brave browser. So, whichever browser you use, you should go and check it out.

Installation Instructions

Speaking of installation, when you are installing the extension for the very first time, you will have to enter your password twice. The idea is to serve as a backup phrase for recovering the app and the funds in the future, most especially when something goes wrong with it. After that stage, the next step will be to import your wallet. Fortunately, doing that is not difficult as TronLink also helps you with the task.

About TronWatch

Meet TronWatch, the creators of TronLink. At TronWatch, the team has the vision of building the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the TRON network. With the DEX working as intended, users can trade TRON’s native token TRX, and other tokens that the TRON network hosts. Regarding the tokens that TRON network hosts, typical examples are TRX10 and TRX20.

At this point, the TronWatch project is live. However, it is still at the ICO (initial coin offering) phase. To participate in the rounds, you can purchase TronWatchMarket token at 0.5 TRX. If you are interested, visit the TRON website as the token sales will end in a few days (from the time of writing this piece).

Risk Disclosure

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