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TronWallet Becomes A Jack Of All Trades

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TronWallet can be even used as an exchange.

TRON has achieved a significant milestone in the development of its digital wallet, TronWallet, which is now a TRON Super Representative. What this means, is that TronWallet can now operate as a secure peer-to-peer digital wallet. The wallet will also operate as an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.

TRON Super Representative Status

TronWallet provides people with an easy way of sending, receiving, and requesting cryptocurrency payments. The wallet also offers a secure custody service where people can store and exchange cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

A transition to a TRON Super Representative status comes merely months after the announcement, barely after the platform embarked on the journey. In a bid to accelerate the pathway to a global payment provider, TRON opted to reward voters with TWX as a way of attracting most of them to the platform. The TWX offering did not work as they were not able to achieve the total number of votes they needed for SR status. After switching to offering TRX, they were then able to scoop up the status.

Becoming SR wouldn’t be possible without a strong community around to help. Particularly without the help of the great people and our SR friends at CryptoChain, CryptoGuyInZA, TeamTronics, and Sesameseed. Thank you for your support, let’s make history together,” the TRON Foundation released in a statement.

TRON Super Representative status strengthens the digital wallet credibility, a key to enhancing its global adoption. The status also paves the way for the company to create a healthy ecosystem for the TRON Network.

TronWallet 20K Users Milestone

TRON Super Representative status is not the only milestone that TRON is celebrating. The number of people using the TronWallet has surpassed the 20,000 mark, consequently marking yet another important milestone. Likewise, the digital wallet is now treading the path towards mass adoption, in addition to generating value in the burgeoning sector.

The 20K milestone means more people are using the TronWallet as their preferred platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. People are also using the platform to participate in token sales as well as requesting cryptocurrency payments. Users are also using the platform to learn all about the TRX token.

TRX is the native token powering the Tron Network. People can use the token to swap tokens as well as run decentralized applications on the platform. The token also provides users a way to connect into any hub and purchase tokens through smart contracts.

TronWallet is an important platform for the TRON Foundation. The platform provides the foundation a pathway to become a key player in the cryptocurrency business. It does not come as a surprise that the foundation continues to spend vital resources to make it more user-friendly for the masses.

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