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UNICEF Wants To Fund Charitable Missions Through Crypto Mining

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c.United Nations’ program UNICEF wants to try its luck at cryptocurrency mining. It’s desire is to earn funds for its missions, but even more interesting is how it plans to execute the mining process.

UNICEF plans to appeal to people’s humanitarian side. Oddly enough, they will do so by providing their computing power for the mining mission. The humanitarian organization provides aid to mothers and children in developing countries. Recently, they launched the Hope Page. This site will contribute to the cryptocurrency mining mission rather than contributing money.

So far, more than 2,600 people have contributed through the Hope Page. Additionally, the method provides users with the option of choosing how much processing power (percentage from the computing capacity of their computers) that they wish to contribute to UNICEF’s cryptocurrency mining mission.

Encouragement to stay on the site is evident. The longer they stay, the more cryptocurrency they help mine. Such crowd-sourced crypto-mining has previously been used in cases where software is remotely installed on to target PCs without the knowledge of their owners. This malicious approach robbed PC owners of tons of computing power. However, it looks like UNICEF wants to take advantage of similar mining software. In this case, it gains consent from users and also provides some degree of control.

UNICEF claims cryptocurrency mining proceeds will provide essential supplies. These are vaccines, food and clean water to women and children in need. For interested contributors, the Hope Page solves cryptocurrency algorithms. It does so by leveraging the processing power of computers through a browser.

UNICEF assures users that cryptocurrency mining is safe for their computers. People who worry about the amount of consumed power through mining, they should donate a lower processing power. The Hope Page leverages an opt-in version of Coinhive’s API, known as AuthedMine, which is used to mine Monero (XMR).

UNICEF’s director of communications and fundraising in Australia, Jennifer Tierney, stated that the UN organization has been keen on taking advantage of emerging technologies. She revealed that the aim has been to use these technologies to collect donations for supporting less fortunate children and also to spread awareness about ongoing humanitarian crises. The cryptocurrency mining approach is UNICEF’s latest attempt at leveraging cryptocurrency to encourage donations from people.

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