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Verseon Will Take Medical Research To The Next Frontier

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Verseon Research

Verseon, the company that is developing life-science technology for the purpose of advancing health, has unveiled its transformative blockchain technology. Verseon’s subsidiary, BlockRules Limited, developed the technology for tokenized securities. Founded in 2002, Verseon’s mission is to develop technologies and products through research that enrich and advance health globally. Indeed, the company is using the process of securities tokenization to challenge traditional drug development and funding models.

BlockRules Is Opening up the Medical Research Space

Similarly, BlockRules supports launch, sale, and trading of these tokenized securities on public blockchains in compliance with jurisdictional regulations. No doubt, blockchain technology has all the potentials to transition the global investment ecosystem to the next level. To achieve this, all tokenized offerings must abide by local regulations. Accomplishing such compliance will lead to tokens becoming ubiquitous.

BlockRules Has an Offer for Companies

BlockRules has concluded all the necessary plans to start offering its innovative technology to companies willing to embrace it. To this end, the subsidiary of Verseon is targeting companies that exist within the rapidly developing blockchain community. Truly, BlockRules wants to deliver much safer and relevant opportunities to the investment communities around the world. Therefore, BlockRules aims to bring regulatory certainty to blockchain technology as a way of achieving this objective.

Verseon Officials Speak

The CEO of Verseon, Adityo Prakash, explained the idea behind the company. Prakash disclosed that the company aims to be in the vanguard of advancing the development, discovery, and research of new medicines. The CEO noted that they are using technology to democratize the method of funding new medicines and similar life-science innovations. Prakash noted that they would go farther to disrupt the formula for sharing the proceeds raised from such methods.

In his contribution, Neil Woodford, the founding partner of fund managers Woodford Investment Management, speaks. Woodford posited that advancements in blockchain technology have the capacity to bridge the gap between investors and innovative companies.  The partner added that Verseon’s technologies can address certain age-long challenges of capital flow, thus making the market more efficient.

Background Information

As a parent company, Verseon wholly owns BlockRules Limited. In turn, BlockRules Limited specializes in the launch, sales, and trading of tokenized securities. In the quest to achieve its objective, BlockRules enforces all the jurisdictional regulations that affect its ecosystem.

Similarly, Verseon Corporation focuses on developing blockchain-based life-science products that in turn advance global health. To this end, Verseon is combining propriety and computational platform with in-house biology and chemistry workflows. The endpoint is the building of an expanding drug development pipeline. The company is also partnering with its subsidiary, BlockRules, to pioneer tokenized securities. Note that Woodford Investment Management is one of Verseon’s shareholders.


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