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Wagerr (WGR) To Become The Latest Netcoins Addition

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Netcoins lists Wagerr cryptocurrency token.

Netcoins Holdings Inc. has announced that it will list Wagerr (WGR) in the fall this year. As a result, all interested investors and traders are being advised to purchase the tokens through OTC Private Brokerage Services. That’s not all. It will also be available in over twenty-one thousand retail locations in Europe, Canada, and Australia. With the successful launch of WGR, it will become tenth in a series of altcoins that Netcoins is going to catalog. To have WGR listed on Netcoins, Wagerr paid $25,000 USD as the listing fee. This hefty fee also covers recurring annual fees on LaaS (Listing as a Service).

About Wagerr

Wagerr is a tech firm that specializes in blockchain-powered sports-betting networks. With the blockchain and advanced privacy features, sports lovers across the world can bet on their favorite games. In addition, the platform ensures that bets are done securely and reliably. As befits a blockchain-powered platform, Wagerr guarantees decentralization, privacy, and freedom.

Looking at the history of the company, in 2017, it launched WGR, a publicly-traded cryptocurrency token. The token is a unique virtual currency that focuses on store-of-value and functional utility. On the Wagerr blockchain platform, users can send, receive, stake, bet, and host Masternodes with the token. Wagerr minted about 200 million WGR.

The Wagerr CEO speaks

The CEO of Wagerr, David Mah, gives more insight. Mah stated that the firm is a blockchain venture that aims to revolutionize the way people do sports betting around the world. He explained that the blockchain is built with all sorts of users in mind. The CEO listed professional/recreational bettors, and centralized sportsbooks, as some of the people that perfectly fit with the application of this cutting-edge technology. Mah posited that these people leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to do a lot of amazing things. These things, he said, include liability management, betting beyond geographical restrictions and many others. Speaking further, he noted that his company is glad to list on Netcoins as the coins will reach more customers around the world.

The CEO Continues

The CEO stated again that Netcoins has over twenty-one thousand locations around the world. He also stressed the importance of having Netcoins list the token, stating that the exchange will increase its coin availability. On the advantages of the platform, Mah noted that WGR is fast, secure, and reliable, making it the preferred platform for bettors. Also, the CEO expressed optimism that Wagerr is the future of betting, arguing that betting’s future lies with the blockchain.

Netcoins CEO Joins In

The CEO of Netcoins, Mark Binns, stated that Wagerr has done a commendable job in delivering safe sports betting. Binns pointed out that WGR is “an excellent addition” to their platform, saying that they would create opportunities for WGR. He concluded that Netcoins enables customers to access WGR easily in the retail space.


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