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Wagerr Tackles eGaming Setbacks With Direct-Chain

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Wagerr eGaming

Wagerr is a technology firm that provides sports betting platform built upon blockchain technology with other exciting features. The company has unveiled the foremost Direct-Chain betting protocol. This protocol enables an unrestricted and decentralized betting app which is readily available in Android and desktop versions. Indeed, this new platform allows bettors around the world to bet on the blockchain and receive payment without any central authority. Interestingly enough, the new platform offers betting at an amazingly low fee. Without a doubt, the Wagerr platform offers some of the industry’s most competitive odds.

Meet Wagerr, the Master of Decentralized eGaming!

Indeed, there are lots of goodies to take away from Wagerr’s latest Direct-Chain betting platform. Remember WGR? Sure, all WGR users will also benefit from betting on the new platform. After betting, the management of the platform burns half of the fees, reducing the number of tokens in circulation. Also, 40% is distributed to the Masternodes that secure the network. WGR will become more deflationary as betting activities rise over time.

Unsurprisingly, eGaming Review (EGR)’s debut Annual Crypto Edition featured Wagerr in its 2018 award-winning magazine publication. Wagerr is a revolutionary sportsbook that takes sports betting to the entire world through its decentralized platform. It uses decentralized blockchain to deliver private, secure, and safe betting on a global scale. Beyond question, Wagerr is taking sports betting to a place of pride the world, as it guarantees fairness, security, and accessibility.

The Global eGaming Industry

Sports gambling is a large, burgeoning industry, generating trillions of dollars in revenues around the world every year. Some people bet legally, and some people even bet illegally. Without mincing words, it’s difficult to find an industry as widespread, lucrative and popular as the betting industry around the world.

Despite the robustness of the industry, bettors face certain challenges in a bid to engage in and enjoy their hobbies. These challenges include lack of trust, unfairness, poor or non-availability of such services, insecurity and a host of other issues. Take, for instance, unfairness as it steadily threatens the industry and no one seems to have a solution to it.

What is Wagerr Bringing to the Table?

However, Wagerr is promising a glimmer of hope to the despondent eGaming bettors. Yes, it promises to use its platform to tackle for good all the challenges militating against the industry! To this end, Wagerr will use its blockchain-based platform to execute betting contracts. That’s not all. The platform will escrow stakes, verify all the necessary results and pay the winners in real-time. This means that the platform kicks central authorities into obsolescence. Indeed, the first weekend of its launch on September 15th, the Wagerr platform attracted over 400,000 WGR bets. What a record that is!


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