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XRP Tip Bot App Makes Way To Google And Apple Platforms

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XRP Tip Bot app makes its way into pubs and online services.

In a major success, a third-party software dubbed, XRP Tip Bot, is receiving approval from both Apple and Google. On Thursday, October 25th, creator Wietse Wind unveiled this news in an exclusive word with AMBCrypto.

Wind said that he will soon release a one-page instruction regarding the same.

“With the XRPTipBot App it’s really easy to Tip your friends, family or even stores or restaurants in real life. Just enter the amount and scan a QR code. The QR codes on the XRPTipBot Personal Donation pages work as well,” said Wind.

Using the XRP Tip Bot App

Some of the major consumers using the app will be pubs, stores, restaurants, charities, and also friends/families. To acknowledge and celebrate its latest success of approval, the Tip Bot app is increasing the tipping limit to 20 XRP per tip.

Tip Bot creator Wietse Wind says that initially the app will allow user-activation only by scanning the QR code on the desktop. However, the team is also working on introducing mobile activation of the app.

XRP Tip Bot Integration Plan from Coil

Recently, the Tip Bot application got an integration plan from Coil. Coil is a third-party micropayment platform built on the XRP Ledger. As part of this integration, the app’s users will now be able to make micropayments in XRP through Coil. Just like Tip Bot, Coil is also a crypto-startup which allows its users to tip websites they visit in cryptocurrency.

However, a unique feature provided by Coil is STREAM (Streaming Transport for the Real-time Exchange of Assets and Messages). It means that digital currency payments, although made in tiny bits, remain in a continuous flow. For example, if a user is watching a video, he/she can pay only for the seconds they watch.

STREAM can play a huge role in the XRP ecosystem. It allows users to avail the facility only when required by paying per stream.

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