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YeeWallet And Bitcoin Cash Fund To Airdrop Bitcoin Cash (BCH) To Spur Adoption

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The team behind YeeWallet announced, alongside the Bitcoin Cash Fund, plans to airdrop 30 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to their users.

The announced airdrop is part of their plan to encourage or boost the adoption of BCH. Only users who have met the requirements of the Airdrop will receive the free 30 BCHs in their wallets. YeeWallet developers recently unveiled a wallet that can hold multiple currencies. Also, people can use the wallet for internet voice calls through the YeeCall platform.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund has established itself as a non-profit organization that has remained committed to encouraging the adoption of BCH on a global scale. With the partnership, the fund believes it will see a more widespread adoption of BCH. This is because Yee already has a massive following with about 33 million registered users. Additionally, YeeWallet recently started supporting BCH, which means it can reach out to an already existing user base.

Yee explained in one of its recent statements that it believes that YeeWallet support for BCH will provide massive support for the YeeCall application while also helping to meet the needs of YeeCall users. Additionally, the company revealed it expects its support of BCH to encourage development within the BCH community and also expand the influence of the altcoin.

Those who wish to benefit from the airdrop have to meet various conditions. One such condition is holding a minimum of 10,000 YEE tokens, Yee’s native cryptocurrency. Every user who manages to achieve this figure will receive an award of 20 BCH. Paul Wasensteiner, a board member of the Bitcoin Cash Fund, says the airdrop will be divided proportional. This basis for the splits will be on the amount of YEE that users hold in their wallets. Although, the minimum requirement is set at 10,000 YEE tokens.

Wasensteiner also points out that Bitcoin Cash technology should see integration into every communication system. He likened the internet’s ability to allow communication between anyone worldwide to what Bitcoin Cash does for money. Wasenteiner also added that 33 million YeeWallet users will gain financial freedom through extreme ease of money sending. The partnership, according to Wasensteiner, was a critical step towards achieving their target of 1 billion users in five years.

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