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ZeroEdge Offers 58% Discount On Second ICO

0 Total shares, a unique blockchain casino platform, seeks to revolutionize the gaming industry. It will carry out a second Initial Coin Offering early next month. ZeroEdge, the company behind the blockchain casino platform, held its first pre-ICO sale of Ethereum-based Zerocoin crypto token in February.

ZeroEdge 58% Discount

The company will offer a 58% discount on token prices at the upcoming ICO. The motive behind the hefty discount is still unknown. However, it could indicate that the company did not achieve the desired targets in the first offering. It’s possible that the company failed to convince as many investors as originally hoped.

ZeroEdge has been shrouded in a lot of mysteries, amidst concerns that the business itself is a scam. In March, the company started receiving claims that both the casino and Zerocoins are fake.

An investigation by Simon Casey took a swipe at ZeroEdge CEO, Adam Casey, about working for bookmakers, William Hill and Centrebet. There are also allegations the company holds a Curacao gaming license.

ZeroEdge 0% Edge Plan

Amidst the allegations, ZeroEdge is still moving forth with the proposed ICO. The company plans to use funds from the offering to support the development of its’s unique concept. The platform seeks to offer gamers games that have 0% hedge. Some of the games that the platform will be offering as part of the 0% hedge drive include Blackjack and Video Poker among others.

Currently, most online casino games come with a 1% to 10% hedge, which is the advantage a game has over a player. By offering 0% hedge, ZeroEdge hopes to offer players a fair chance of winning, thus gaining a competitive edge in the business.

“We have made a survey & asked hundreds of people about their gambling preferences & experiences. The main finding was that 99% of them stated that they would choose 0% house edge games to play if such games were available,” ZeroEdge said in statement.

ZeroEdge will be offering its Zerocoin token at the ICO. They believe its value will increase as more people join the 0% edge gambling platform. According to the company, players won’t lose any money as they will be earning as the Zerocoin increases in value. The tokens will allow you to place bets on the platform’s sports betting exchange. The company’s goal is to launch in the fourth quarter.

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