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Blockchain Startup Zulu Republic Now Enables Trading In Litecoin (LTC) Via Telegram Messenger

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Blockchain Startup

Zulu Republic, a startup from Switzerland is the developer of an app under the name It is a Telegram messaging app and consumers can use it to send text commands.

The blockchain startup says that people can now carry out transactions in Litecoin (LTC) via the app. The tweet by Litecoin founder Charlie Lee reads as: LTC transactions can now be made via enciphered messenger app.

The blockchain startup Zulu Republic from Zug, Switzerland, develops dApps (decentralized applications). The firm “is an ecosystem of digital platforms built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.”

The Zulu Announcement

In a blog post from Zulu, the firm says that the users can use the services of Litecoin through text queries. The messages reach the recipient through Zulu’s back-end LTC API system. The firm further affirms that it will not handle the private important data. The data will solely be safe only with RSA encoding plus the private password of the user. is for the Telegram messenger app. It goes without saying that this messenger is incidentally the most secured one in the world. Privacy is an inherent feature of the app. Users can now check their present LTC balance by sending a command. They will be able to also send LTC to a wallet or maybe to an email address.

Transactions via SMS in future

People who have very poor internet connections need not worry at all. The company will be introducing transactions of LTC via SMS (text messages). This will allow people with a bad net connection to carry out operations on the Litecoin blockchain.

Zulu states that from among 64% of the universal population owning a mobile phone; only 33% have a smartphone. Only 50% of that number has an internet connection too.

In a statement, Zulu says that users can send Litecoin “to those who don’t already have a Litecoin wallet, or to those whose wallet address you don’t know, even if the recipient has no idea how to use cryptocurrency.”

Litecoin is at present the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It is an open-source venture which first came in use in 2017. Based on the price index of Cointelegraph, LTC is now trading at $59, having met a high of $351 during December 2017.


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