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6SLambo Aids Sputtering ICO Projects

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6SLambo Aids Sputtering ICO Projects

The burgeoning field of initial coin offerings (ICOs) is getting trickier for new entrants. In fact, statistics indicate that last year had the highest number of ICO projects. According to a report by ICO Brothers Media, conditions for ICOs were perfect at the time. In fact, projects made millions out of new launches. However, due to current difficult conditions and suspicions, companies like 6SLambo helping ICO projects are important.

Particularly, the environment today is tough and conditions unfavorable. In fact, many countries prohibit the launch of ICOs in their jurisdiction. This is for the reason that many previous ICOs involved a lot of fraud and scams. Also, there is a lack of definite regulatory procedure to launch and conduct an ICO project. Due to these and many other reasons, it is increasingly important for entities like 6SLambo to help the legitimate newcomers.

Interlinked Operations

6SLambo is a marketing company working towards facilitating successful ICO projects. According to a blog post on Medium,

6SLambo is one of a ‘constellation’ of interlinked operations which offer different support systems to tokenized enterprises.

Founded by the author and ICO marketer Matyas Zaborszky, the company prides itself as a turnkey marketing process. Particularly, the post notes that the company helps to walk client companies through the launch process from start to finish. To help in the process, the company uses the 6 Proven Steps developed by Zaborszky previously.

According to a news release, the company boasts of strengths with which it will help propel clients to success. 6SLambo consists of a team of experts with a wealth of experience in the traditional marketing sector.

6SLambo Helping ICO Projects Beat Regulatory Uncertainty

The experts also have firsthand experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. In fact, some of them are influencers in the field. To cap it all, Zaborszky brings his leadership skills into the firm to make it the companion of choice. With 6SLambo helping ICO projects, the ultimate winner is the market.

In part, the news release reads,

From web experts to copywriters and financial analysts, the 6SLambo team has taken part in numerous token offerings and covers all key functions of a marketing department, the size and scope of which very few startups could hope to have.

Various regulators are studying the ICO market and, hopefully, there will be regulatory certainty regarding the niche.


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