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Aeron (ARN) Is Making The Aviation Industry Safer

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Aeron (ARN) Is Making The Aviation Industry Safer

The advent of blockchain technology came with a lot of solutions to existing problems in many sectors. Crucial among them is the aviation industry. The industry heavily relies on the data collected to improve services and make flying safer. Now, Aeron (ARN) making aviation industry safer is obviously an important stride.

In countries which have good infrastructure, people mostly prefer traveling using air transport. Particularly, the means of transport is comfortable and time efficient. However, keeping the industry safe from avoidable accidents is the biggest priority of all aviation stakeholders. In fact, this is what the Aeron blockchain network is trying to do.

Aeron Making Aviation Industry Safe by Curating Data over Blockchain

Launched in August 2017, the Aeron network utilizes the innate nature of blockchain technology to ensure data safety and reliability. Also, the network comes with a native coin (ARN) through which users can receive rewards.

The team behind Aeron comprises of aviation professionals who understand the inner workings of the industry. Therefore, they have a better perspective of what aviation safety is really about. Specifically, Aeron focuses on pilot’s flight hours, training of cabin crew, and curating of aeronautical data. Given the number of current annual flights and the projected increase, data management is going to be more crucial.

Particularly, the platform will track aircraft maintenance schedules while taking pilot logs for every flight they make. Then, an online decentralized database will host the data. All global data regarding maintenance schedules, flight training institutions, and crews will be available in the database. As a result, anyone can easily verify data on any of the three sectors while maintaining data integrity. Therefore, this will be important towards Aeron making the aviation industry safe.

Better ARN Price Performance on the Horizon

According to Business Wire, Aeron successfully launched a web portal and mobile apps to enable users to access the platform easily. Also, it was able to integrate blockchain in mobile applications. In addition, the team ramped up its lobbying efforts aimed at the unification of the log format. Importantly, users can now use ARN for payments and trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Further, the team entered into partnerships aimed at shoring up the platform’s clout. Specifically, Aeron partnered with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) towards gaining industry support. Also, the team made other tactical partnerships which will further facilitate the adoption of the platform.

As a result of the developments, ARN is performing well on various exchanges. In fact, analysts predict the token will hit a price of above $50 USD before the end of 2019, TechBullion reports.


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