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Aeternity (AE) Blockchain: The Next Generation Platform Of DAOs

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What Is Aeternity (AE)?

The recent performance of Aeternity (AE) has earned it the name Ethereum killer. The company, based in Liechtenstein, is a virtual currency that works on blockchain technology. It offers solutions to problems that involve real-world data. Also, it provides answers to deal with the current challenges faced in cryptocurrencies. Aeternity, however, harbors ambition of making this technology ready for general use. In addition to other great achievements, it has now become the perfect platform for DAOs. Above all, the company created the technology in a way that even a mobile device can generate coins. In fact, Aeternity Venture, the company’s investment arm, announced a plan to invest $1.3 million in nine startup projects.

Why Is It Important?

It wasn’t until May 2018 that Aeternity had to withstand huge losses. Nevertheless, the good news is that the trend has reversed. Apparently, is is already on the path of being immensely profitable. Irrespective of the tough digital fight for being on top, Aeternity is already the 33rd most valuable cryptocurrency in the market. It has already launched its own native main network. AE coins are likely to see a promising future ahead in terms of value.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Talking about the exciting concept of DAOs, it is a concept that can bring a big revolution. Also, it can change the way business organisations keep records. Job functions could be replaced with codes. This shall be a part of the larger ambition where companies using blockchain will create smart contracts for corporations and organisations. Moreover, the idea is to make use of the collective intelligence of users. Experts are already calling the Aeternity blockchain the next big thing.

Is It A Game Changer?

The potential of DAOs is interesting. Some experts have even made predictions of the end of bureaucracy. Organizations can become capable of managing themselves. Furthermore, Aeternity has established a partnership with Comrade Cooperative for academic purpose. This would ensure research and development over this subject.


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