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AKJ Token: An Edge For Institutions And Investors

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AKJ Token: An Edge For Institutions And Investors

AKJ Crypto, an initiative of AKJ Group, has launched its token called AKJ Token. AKJ Crypto says that AKJ Token would become the cryptocurrency of choice for investors who seek to diversify their exposure to digital assets. According to the AKJ Crypto’s press statement, the AKJ token is a multifaceted investible security. Furthermore, it is an essential component of the AKJ’s latest repetition of its hedge fund platform. Indeed, the token offers professionals and institutions credible and legal cryptocurrency access. The post also highlighted the features of AKJ Crypto.

Features of the AKJ Token

  • AKJ Token is a transferable security. Which means that AKJ Crypto promotes and sells to it, targeting professional investors within the confines of EU laws.
  • The platform is a regulatory and legal solution to trading hedge funds in digital assets.
  • The holders of AKJ Token enjoy 25% of net revenues from the cryptocurrency platform business. Indeed, the platform will start generating revenue from Q4 2018.
  • AKJ Token allows its holders to participate in the growth of the platform and the cryptocurrency economy through token holding.
  • It also ensures active buyers from the secondary market; the AKJ platform incentivizes its funds so that users can hold 2% of investment of the AKJ Token.
  • AKJ Token is relatively stable and has low velocity.
  • It is a management and performance-free fund-of-funds token that invests in the platform’s most talented fund managers.
  • Additionally, the portal offers hedge funds the opportunity to manage their assets effectively.

Official Statement

In his statement, Anders Kvamme Jensen, the AKJ Group Chairman and CEO, explains the value that AKJ Token gives to its prospective users. The billionaire chief executive also noted that the token offers “real substance and value.” On other attributes of the token, Jensen disclosed that it complies with EU regulations and has fund managers’ inputs in its design.

Speaking further, he stated that the AKJ Token features reassure traditional investors and improve its appeal to sophisticated crypto-asset investors. He noted that reassuring these crypto-asset investors is important as many of them recognize the need to quickly adopt an ecosystem expected to reach “significant mass.”

Investors’ Benefits

  • Tier-one asset managers service the platform.
  • It helps users to coordinate their market and legal advisory relationships.
  • Regulatory license sponsorship.
  • There is human support for systems, operations, and trading.
  • The trading structure is flexible and integrated.

Background information

Established in 1995, AK Jensen Group Limited serves hedge funds and clients across 35 countries around the world. It has subsidiaries and shareholders who have more than $20B USD in assets under the group’s management.


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