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Altonomy Offering Safe Bets On Digital Assets

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Altonomy offers safe bets

The digital assets sector is growing fast. However, it is apparent that most of the market leans asymmetrically to the buy-side. Plus, the sell-side services, if any, do not give a wide range of assets. In light of this, there are reports of Altonomy offering safe bets on digital assets to clients.

According to a September 18th, 2018 press release, Altonomy launched its official brand to take care of the business. Clearly, the company is growing fast. At the moment, Altonomy boasts around 40 clients from various ICO clients. Interestingly, all of these projects count among the top 200 on CoinMarketCap. With such clients, the firm is a force to reckon with in the market.

In fact, the release notes that the company outperforms Ethereum by 55%. These are numbers that matter in the market. Obviously, the numbers are a result of good performance and a solid overall strategy. In addition, the release reveals that the firm services Neo Global Capital. This is the largest asset fund manager in the Asian region.

Plugging a Gap

Altonomy Taurus Index Fund is basically an opportunistic entity. Since their launch, the firm has shown no delay in snapping up opportunities. According to the company’s co-founder, Ricky Li,

Before founding Altonomy, we saw a huge need for a dedicated OTC sell-side trading desk in order to provide ICO issuers and crypto hedge funds more liquid trading options. Until now, there hasn’t been an independent, sell-side trading desk to provide effective crypto asset and liquidity management services. Altonomy fills this gap by consistently delivering the most favorable spreads in OTC markets given time and liquidity constraints for different token dynamics, even long-tail ones, in highly volatile markets.

Altonomy Offering Safe Bets in the Face of Market Downturn

CoinMarketCap notes that cryptocurrency prices are declining at a worrying pace. Besides that, there are analysts that term the cryptocurrency price rollercoaster as “dotcom boom-burst-squared.” Interestingly, Altonomy agrees with this assessment. In fact, the firm adds that “most crypto funds are expected to decline at least 50% this year.

Given the state of affairs, Altonomy seeks to provide safeguards to investments by offering a diverse range of assets. Additionally, the firm says it offers “low cost of rebalancing and high liquidity.” The company has a license from the US market regulators. As a result, clients are certain about the security of their investments. It is great news that Altonomy offers relatively safe bets in a market that is still on its knees.


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