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This App Brings Altcoins A Step Closer To Displacing Fiat Currencies

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Fiat Currencies

As we step closer to adopting cryptocurrency as the means to replace fiat currency, a payment app is looking to bridge the altcoin gap. With the app, there will be seamless transactions of the popular altcoins you like.

The App

It doesn’t matter whether it is Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that a user wants. Soon, you will be able to use these to make payments within stores, such as Nordstrom or Starbuck. The best part is you’ll be able to do it without having to struggle with cryptographic keys. Yes, Flexa is the app, and it is downloadable on mobile devices, computers, and tablets for convenient real-world shopping.

How To Use Flexa

By far, Flexa remains the easiest app anyone can use. No, the users don’t necessarily have to be IT-savvy. All they are required to do is to have the app running on their devices by downloading them through their respective online stores, such as Google Play or the iOS Store. When this is complete, they will tap the flexcode once and later swipe at the merchant’s POS terminal. Yes, it’s that easy – as easy as ABC, actually!

Why You Should Pat Attention

The single most important reason for the development of this app is for everyday shoppers to be able to send BTC, BCH, LTC, or a combination of these digital currencies, to more than 35,000 shops around the globe. Developed by a New York-based company, Flexa ushers our world to the next era of technological innovations. Flexa is the collaborative handiwork of Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, a former PayPal executive, Tyler Spalding, CTO for Raise, Trevor Filter, an American Express UX developer, and Zachery Kilgore.


With Flexa, users all over the world can eliminate the risk associated with frauds. These users can also pick from a wide range of cryptocurrencies without passing through banks or using bank cards. The developer wrote a blog post that Flexa is a product of the union between years of financial services industry experience and app development.

Indeed, this app is Flexa’s first foray into how users can effortlessly make payment using cryptocurrencies both online and in stores. It’s also an effective tool for unlocking the huge power of cryptocurrencies, the company notes. With a protocol known as Flex Network protocol, Flexa will facilitate transactions from various wallets, thus making payment for goods on the go a lot easier.


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