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ASUS Launches New H370 Mining Master With 20 GPUs

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ASUS has announced the launching of a new motherboard for GPU miners. The new H370 Mining Master has the capacity to handle up to 20 GPUs.

Cryptocurrency miners are always looking for mining methods that will allow them to measure a cost/benefit ratio millimetrically.

The success of cryptocurrency mining in 2017 created a booming business for many manufacturers like NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) and ASUS.

Depletion of GPU Stock

Due to increase in mining activities, GPU stocks depletion soon followed. At that point, many recognized the potential, although other representatives had expressed indifferent opinions. The biggest victim of this trend was the gaming industry. Although, many other projects, like SETI, had to change strategy so as to continue existing.

ASUS is one of the world’s leading producers of computer components. The company’s motherboards and high-performance equipment find wide use by technophiles. Mining rigs have become very popular because Ethereum’s impact in cryptocurrency space. A mining rig is equipment puts several GPUs together to achieve higher hash power.

ASUS’s Game Changer

A traditional motherboard is able to support a maximum of 4 GPUs, but many of the motherboards used by miners support between 6 to 8 GPUs. In 2017, ASUS came aimed to make a difference. The company introduced the ASUS B250 Mining Expert, a motherboard whose 19 PCIe slots made it a market leader.

However, at that time the ASUS B250 Mining Expert could not be adopted as GPU manufacturers could only allow a connection of 8 cards. That meant that miners could only have 16 cards out of which 8 were AMD and another 8 were NVIDIA.

The H370 Mining Master has a lot of new features and is expected to improve on the previous model. With ability to support 20 GPUs, miners will have more mining capacity. Miners will also save a lot because they will not need to buy more motherboards to do the same job.

Additionally, as opposed to other motherboards which need their own PSU, RAM, and CPU, the H370 Mining Master will help miners save even more money. Furthermore, the new motherboard’s software can diagnose errors.

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