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BAC Ecosystem Becomes A Game-changer For Artwork

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BAC forms a blockchain-based ecosystem for artwork.

Blockchain technology company, Blockchain Art Collective (BAC), has launched the first comprehensive blockchain-based platform for listing and storing artworks. The platform is a combination of a blockchain network and its protocols, and a DApp (decentralized app).

BAC is launching the platform with a view to supporting the growth and development of fine arts. Blockchain Art Collective is an art company. Chronicled Inc is a San Francisco-based technology firm that helps other firms to migrate to the blockchain. The firm specializes in providing such tech services for physical assets. Chronicled Inc will power BAC’s new blockchain-based ecosystem.

Meet Blockchain Art Collective

BAC has successfully achieved a feat, becoming the foremost one-to-one physical connection between blockchain and artwork. To this end, BAC affixes tamper-proof NFC chips to physical arts in the real world. Basically, the NFC chips offer the same level of encryption and protection just as the chips on passports and credit cards. However, the NFC chips contain all the information of the real artworks they are affixed to. Impressively, the NFC chips give the artwork a high level of tamper-proof security using artificial intelligence and machine vision.

Interacting with the BAC Ecosystem

To interact with the ecosystem, the user will have to scan it with a DApp-enabled mobile phone. All plans have been concluded to launch the beta version of the DApp this September. Also, many companies have already shown interest in joining the platform to secure and list their artworks. Notably, some of these companies include Nanu, Cryptograffiti, David Puck, Orvzi, and RFX.1.

In the future, BAC plans to announce the sole partnership and collective marketplace road-map. This will define the terms and conditions as well as the plan that BAC has for all registered members. Also, the ecosystem will host the government, authenticators, galleries, schools, and artists. Furthermore, the firm will enlighten all would-be collaborators seeking to learn about the benefits of the ecosystem. It will be an invite-only ecosystem.

BAC Management Speaks

Truly, BAC is glad to see artists and its entities welcome the concept of using technology to catalog artworks. The Executive Director, Jacqueline O’Neil, said that the firm is in a unique space. O’Neil, who is a visual artist, stated that the service that art company offers is a turnkey solution for physical art. She also pointed out that the physical-digital link on both ends is indeed an art game-changer for all institutions and artists. O’neil added that her company will provide single and trusted identity that is linked to artworks forever.


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