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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is Now Keoken Smart Contract Enabled

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Recently, popular cryptocurrency developer Bitprim launched a tokenized, open-source and smart contract-enabled platform powered by Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This is the latest development by BCH, with many of them appearing commendable. This is particularly significant since the cryptocurrency is celebrating its one year anniversary.


The aim of the development is to extend the functionalities of the platform by bringing in smart contracts and also other exciting features. Those include the creation and transfer of digital assets and support for protocol governance.

The Technicalities

Powered by Keo proprietary token, the platform will definitely redefine BCH. Keo tokens will fund all ongoing Keoken developments and also offset fees associating with using the Keoken system.  With this development, users can store Keo tokens in their wallets. To enable the platform’s core functions, the Keo tokens must be sent as Bitcoin transactions to existing BCH wallets. Also, the union of smart contracts and tokenization will enhance the BCH platform, improving the efficiency of its use. This way, the users on the platform will be more engaging.

Keoken White Paper

The white paper details the unique features that BCH offers. This makes it ideal for Keoken to develop its application with security, efficiency, and also robust capacity as primary focal points. The Keoken team says that proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm in BCH makes it perfect to develop apps on it. With the protocol, two-layer solutions can be built which underlies the needed backbone to develop a practical application of Keoken technology.

What Can We Accomplish On The Keoken Platform?

At the second layer lies the Keoken platform that offers a wide range of amazing functionalities. Furthermore, some of the features include a smart contract platform and digital asset accounting. With these features, tackling real-world issues is more efficient and with mind-blowing simplicity. The platform also bridges the gap between less reliable smart contracts and reliable virtual currency protocols. This bridge’s creation comes from using the Turing complete programming language.

Bitcoin Cash Is Positioning For The Future

Based on, the Keoken platform is one of the latest additions coming from the stable of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Furthermore, this development is spotlighting the efforts made by developers of BCH to make it relevant now and in the future. Indeed, BCH may have what it takes to become the biggest cryptocurrency very soon.


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