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New Blockchain-Based Real Estate Platform DirectHome Launched

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Blockchain technology has established itself as appealing. The technology is not only ideal for the cryptocurrency market, but can also be implemented in other industries due to its security and efficiency. Major industries are rushing to adopt this technology. For example, the real estate industry recently saw the launch of a decentralized platform called DirectHome.

The first real estate platform leverages decentralized ledger technology. Its main goal is to allow easier access to property at affordable rates while improving the entire process. The real estate property platform is currently running a free token and cashback program. It provides an incentive encouraging users to continue using the platform.

DirectHome will launch a crowdfunding campaign on May 15th this year that will last for two months and will end on July 15th. The company has set a soft cap for the campaign at $3 million. The money that will be raised through the crowdfunding initiative will be allocated to different areas such as sales, marketing, administration, IT developments, a development fund and international expansion among other things.

DirectHome’s creation aims to solve some of the major challenges in the real estate market. One such difficulty is purchasing property in foreign countries. It also aims to challenge major realtors who pay a big part in hiking prices in the market while acting as the intermediaries between the buyer and the seller. Blockchain aims to eliminate the need for realtors and instead facilitate a direct transaction between the property owner and potential buyer, thus eliminating realtor charges.

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform takes advantage of smart contracts to facilitate its functions and eliminate need for middlemen. It is also compatible with the ERC20 protocol.

The platform has already handled property transactions worth more than $350 million globally. Its decentralized digital ledger also operates a token named Native DIREC. The token facilitates transactions on the platform. DirectHome is currently the only real estate organization that offers cashback on a global scale.

DirectHome also plans to provide its services on a global scale. Its mission is to transform the real estate industry through positive developments. Its unique approach to the market may help it become a market leader. The real estate property platform is a great example of applying blockchain technology to facilitate real-world improvements.

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