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BlocSide Vows To Make Cryptocurrencies User-friendly

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BlocSide makes cryptocurrency user-friendly for sports use.

The creator of the first tokenized digital professional football solution and MVP is at it again. This time, BlocSide Sports Ltd has unveiled their beta iOS app known as BlocSide Wallet. BlocSide Sports builds digital sporting solutions that blend with retail technology solutions and the team’s current website.

To this end, the young company uses technologies that leverage blockchain technology and frictionless payment. Other technologies they use include mobile ticketing and augmented reality. No doubt, a union of all these technologies certainly sets BlocSide Sports’ products apart from the rest. Are you thinking of what the outcome of the mix of those would be? Wonder no more! Indeed, the multiplier effects are improved fan management and increased matchday revenues.

BlocSide Wallet is Available

If you are looking for where to download BlocSide Wallet, check out the iTunes Store. Indeed, the wallet is at the heart of their digital platform. It is also the first product the firm has released within its road-map. Right now, users can purchase MVP tokens in-App. Yes, all they require is to link it to your debit/credit card. Truly, this cuts some level of complexity and risks associated with a token purchase. Also, users can now send, receive, and store their tokens in the secure MVP milieu. What more can a user possibly wish for?

BlocSide Sports Management Speaks

We must store and transfer our tokens within the BlocSide ecosystem“, says Thomas Emmanuel, BlocSide’s Head of Product. Emmanuel explains the use of the app some more. He quips that it is a universal key for P2P digital assets generation. He also stated that the application will support other apps and technologies that are in the offing.

On another note, the BlocSide’s CEO Daniel Taylor explains the importance of digital asset adoption in the sporting industry. He stated that the app is aimed at soccer fans in mind. Although he admitted that blockchain technology is still in an infancy stage, Taylor says that the near-future is full of promise. Finally, he noted that the completed technology will usher in a new age for digital assets.

What Else Can Users Do?

Certainly, token holders can donate to charity. To do this, all charitable donations should be forwarded to Street Child United. They can also participate in exclusive experiences and win amazing merchandises. Keep in mind that these are merchandises that they wouldn’t be able to access using the as-is system.

Background Information

BlocSide Sports was founded in 2017 with a mission to leverage today’s technology for the advancement of football. With this mission set out, Taylor and his team are working around the clock to make it happen.


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