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BNY Mellon Embracing Blockchain Technology

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Cryptographic hash enters mainstream application.

Most cryptocurrencies work with the help of a blockchain. This makes blockchain technology one of the most era-defining and innovative discoveries of the past and current century. Without a doubt, the influence it has and will exert in the future is massive. The Bank of NY Mellon (NYSE: BK) is also picking up quickly as far as cryptocurrency is concerned. It has a central service provider that manages a blockchain network. This network writes the cryptographic hash of each executed transaction in a block to the blockchain network.

What Hashing Is

According to Blockgeeks, “hashing, in simple terms, means taking an input string of any length and giving out an output of a fixed length.” These transactions are taken as an input and then run through a hashing algorithm which gives an output of a fixed length from Bitcoin context. The cryptographic hash function is a special category of hash functions which has diverse properties making it exemplary for cryptography.


BNY Mellon, with its transactional accounting system, tracks the number of assets held by various parties, as well as the transfer of the assets between parties. They also have a traditional implementation of the accounting system. They include a relational database that tracks the various transactions and an overall balance table. This monitors the number of assets held by each party. Also, this ensures the balance table is updated whenever each transaction is done.

Client Device

The bank also has a client device which is an electronic device that executes instructions stored on a computer-readable storage medium. The client device may include some executable applications or other particular applications designed by the central service provider. The client device is extremely convenient as the customer can use it to perform various functions. Such functions include sending a transaction request that specifies the transfer of properties. It also receives a transaction receipt describing a performed function.

Considering the BNY Mellon’s cryptocurrency jump into the crypto world, the above information is quite useful for any cryptocurrency enthusiast out there. If you are hungry for a more detailed look at its mainstream implementation, you should check here to get more information about how the bank’s Blockchain Crypto Hash works.


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