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BOScoin Blockchain Project Partners With KISA

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South Korea‘s first blockchain project, BOScoin, looks to benefit from a partnership with KISA (Korea Internet and Security Agency). This will help it get closer to its aim of providing a better alternative to Ethereum in managing smart contracts. BOScoin recently joined hands with the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) to further this process. Identifying software issues that might harm the project is the main objective of the association.

BOScoin announced a software vulnerability reward program in partnership with KISA, as part of this process. Recently, the two organizations signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in this regard. Most importantly, BOScoin earlier set up the ARIST (Advanced Research Institute for Social Trust) in May.

ARIST’s Role:

  • Prove the reliability of its mainnet from a technical point of view.
  • Help release the source code of the TestNet for public scrutiny.

Consequently, BOScoin is currently using feedback received from the data community to better organize its mainnet.

Therefore, the association with KISA will help this process in the following two ways:

  •  It will allow them to receive feedback from a wider range of white hackers representing different dimensions.
  • It will help improve the mainnet development and verification process.

Most importantly, the announcement of a vulnerability reward program that will reward individuals who can help identify software issues will help BOScoin create a safer cyberinfrastructure. The prior knowledge of software vulnerabilities will allow for patches and remedies to be prepared in advance as a defense against hackers.


KISA is the right organization to partner with, as they are quite experienced in running this kind of a reward program. Besides that, they started with their first one way back in 2006. That aside, they have also successfully implemented similar programs with a number of other organizations since 2014. Most importantly, South Korean individuals living anywhere in the world are eligible to participate. The current reward program is open for participation through the KISA website.

Lucrative reward from BOScoin

Another thing that is important to note is that participants in the reward program can earn a maximum amount of $10 million.

BOScoin CEO, Yezune Choi is quite confident about the success of this program.  Most importantly says Choi, “The internal verification through the ARIST as well as experts’ verification through the community feedback and the broad verification through white hackers will help us identify and remediate any vulnerabilities in the mainnet, making it safer.”

The blockchain industry will certainly be tracking the progress of BOScoin in the days ahead. The success of the rewards program will have a major role to play in this.


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