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CGM Ready To Build A Healthcare-Focused Network

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CGM readies to launch Charity Network, with the aim to deliver affordable healthcare.

On Monday, a cryptocurrency company, Charity Game Master (CGM), announced that it has successfully gone into a strategic business partnership with a software development firm. From the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) tagged “onboarding retainer agreement,” The SilverLogic is the award-winning software-building firm in question. CGM noted that the objective of the agreement is for the software developer to help develop the Charity Network. The on-boarding retainer agreement revealed that the CGM’s multi-platform ecosystem will have five platforms.

Meet Charity Game Master

The crypto-firm is a specialist tech company, with a team of professional software developers at its core. More than that, the CGM team is filled with artists, doctors, chemists, and businessmen looking to transform the global healthcare industry. The network has a mission – to reduce the cost of healthcare in the world. To this end, the network is creating a transparent, peer-to-peer, blockchain-enabled Charity Network. On that network, gamers and social media enthusiasts can interact. CGM looks to evolve the platform into a vibrant, resilient financial system. This way, it ensures that patients in need of financial assistance get direct funds through their crypto-wallets.

The Role of SilverLogic

The Florida-based software development company, The SilverLogic, has a simple slogan, We Make Ideas Happen. Given that perspective, CGM offers one of such opportunities to The SilverLogic, to make the idea of the Charity Network happen. The SilverLogic became popular in the SaaS industry at the prestigious Money 20/20 USA hackathon event. Moreover, aside from snagging several awards, the The SilverLogic team finished at the top of the competition. The hackathon is unarguably one of the best tech events worldwide, which discovers promising designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the innovative team from The SilverLogic will develop the platform for the CGM. On the network, there will be mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship when The SilverLogic delivers the ecosystem.

Official CGM Remark

Ashwin Kalyandurg, CGM Founder and CEO, expressed confidence in the choice of The SilverLogic as partner to build the complex project. On the type of platform they plan to build, the CGM boss said that it is a multi-platform ecosystem that will comprise five different platforms for crowdfunding (for healthcare organizations and patients). Furthermore, he listed other areas the ecosystem will cover to include content creation, video sharing, social media, and gaming. The aspiring Neuromusculoskeletal physician disclosed that when the platform is fully developed and functional, it will be a source of income for the users. In conclusion, Kalyandurg said that the platform aims to prove to the world that the givers could also gain from that good act of charity, adding that the CGM will make a “generational impact.

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