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Cocos-BCX Pushes Gaming Boundaries Through Blockchain

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Cocos-BCX innovates the gaming scene with blockchain.

It seems the future of gaming will be decentralization. This is exactly the mission of Cocos-BCX as it pushes gaming boundaries through the application of blockchain. Reportedly, the company is developing a game development platform running on a blockchain network.

According to the press release, the company secured funding from investors that will facilitate the project. More precisely, it secured $40 million USD which will go into facilitating the development of the platform. Additionally, the funds will aid the company’s growth and expansion.

Constant Innovation

The gaming industry is getting highly competitive. Companies that will survive will need to be ahead of the curve. Importantly, they will need to demonstrate a will to innovate and provide novel products. In light of this, Cocos-BCX wants strategic partnerships that will accelerate the innovation process.

As per reports, the company released a demo platform back in March. Since then, the team working on the platform doubled in number. Further, new strategic deals are in place to ensure a seamless launch of the platform. The partnerships will add technical veneer to the demo that will make it more appealing.

Commenting on the developments, Haozhi Chen, founder of Cocos-BCX said,

Gaming has always been in our DNA, so we have a deep understanding of what the game developer community needs in order to succeed with blockchain. More importantly, we understand what type of development environment is most effective across all blockchain platforms and operating systems. With this new injection of capital, we will push the blockchain gaming industry forward and focus on penetrating the market faster than anyone else in this space.

A High Chance of Blockchain Adoption as Cocos-BCX Pushes Gaming Boundaries

The team at Cocos-BCX is the creator of Cocos2D-x. This indicates the company is passionate about the business. In fact, it is a testament to the seriousness of intent, as Cocos-BCX pushes gaming boundaries. They want to move from the traditionally open-source game development platform to the blockchain. Interestingly, the firm wants to utilize the decentralized nature of blockchain to develop gaming blockbusters, instead of just small indie games.

Furthermore, the distributed nature of blockchain allows more input from enthusiasts. Hopefully, the existing community from Cocos2D-x will help drive adoption of the new platform. Interestingly, other industry players recognize the potentiality of the game development blockchain platforms.

Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs says, “Gaming is potentially the lowest hanging fruit in the blockchain industry yet the applications in this space remain largely untapped.

Hopefully, the Cocos-BCX venture will draw more attention to the blockchain platform.


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