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Com-Guard Fortifies Security With Blockchain

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Com-Guard security firm uses blockchain to advance the industry.

Definitely, it is impressive to hear that, Inc. (, is now running tests on implementing Bitcoin Full Node on the Raspberry Pi. Of course, we will agree that this is no easy feat. The culminating product which Com-Guard will ultimately arrive at will be termed CGUD DataCrypt™ on a Bitcoin Node.

Furthermore, speaking of reputability, Com-Guard spoils you with an abundance of it. This company enthrones itself in the digital security industry by building top-class security applications for the last 15 years. While not too surprising, the security firm is officially recognized as a developer of apps for operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. In addition to this, Com-Guard has amassed bags of plaudits and awards with its disruptive ComputerSafe® software. Be that as it may, the security veteran is even pushing further for more glory.

Yes, Com-Guard nurtures ambitions to port this revolutionary software (erstwhile targeted at the Windows environment) in the creation of further security applications. To emphasize, these security apps will enjoy massive adoption in the netbook and mobile market. For sure, Com-Guard has penetrated the market for GPS-aided tracking of events as well as items. All things considered, let us learn about the CGUD DataCrypt™, which Com-Guard is bombarding us with.

Building on the Raspberry Pi Technology

Agreeably, it is becoming increasingly crucial enhancing Bitcoin Network with nodes. Most importantly, these nodes should be full running nodes. Why is this? When a Bitcoin network suffers a deficiency of full running nodes, it stands the risk of a compromised decentralization.  In view of this, we see that Raspberry Pi 3 conveniently proffers an opportunity to enjoy access to the blockchain, thus enabling you to seamlessly maintain it. In the long run, this helps you to drastically cut down cost.

According to Edward W. Savarese, CEO of Com-Guard,

“, Inc. has expanded its expertise using the Raspberry Pi line of computers and implementing blockchain with a Bitcoin Full Node as a fully configured system. The objective is to configure a solution so that the end user will not have to be a computer expert to implement it on the Bitcoin network, and deliveries are expected at the end of the calendar fourth quarter 2018.”

Com-Guard Consolidating its Gains

Last year, the company notably entered a partnership with Secure Roofing and Solar, Inc. ( This was particularly a technology and sales partnership. Com-Guard would deploy its impressive expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace, targeting products with the potential of enhancing the offering of Secure Roofing and Solar, Inc.


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