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Could Nano (NANO) Surpass Bitcoin (BTC)?

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Could Nano (NANO) Surpass Bitcoin (BTC)?

Nano (NANO) is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that offers a better value proposition compared to mainstream names. For starters, it’s built on a solid technical bedrock and is easy to understand even for the novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Nano Edge

While cryptocurrencies are changing the way people send and receive money, this altcoin appears to have simplified things further. Fast and fearless are some of the attributes that make the altcoin stand out when it comes to transactions. One of its key selling points is the fact that it enables real-time payments at no extra cost.

Nano is on course to penetrate even the most difficult demographics as it is simple, expeditious, and bold. These are some of the attributes that make it stand out for widespread adoption. In addition, it continues to draw in investors’ attention given the ever-growing popularity.

For those cautious about the environment, then Nano could be the way to go. Bitcoin (BTC) might be the most prominent cryptocurrency, but it continues to rattle environmental enthusiasts. The addition of one block in a Bitcoin network requires a lot of energy. Likewise, to maintain a Bitcoin network one requires as much as 2.6GW of power each year.

The new altcoin, on the other hand, offers a different approach. The fact that no mining takes place affirms its credentials as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency. The only amount of energy that the blockchain project consumes is the one used in devices to send and receive money.

Growing Nano Community

Scalability is another aspect that makes the altcoin stand out compared to other cryptocurrencies. Effectively, you can split one NANO into a number of small units dubbed “raw.” Likewise, one NANO can result in 10^24 raw. The division essentially gives the network a lot of elasticity. The division also makes it easy to trade the altcoin in the network as people can send as little as 1 raw to other users.

A thriving community is another aspect that cements Nano prospects in the sector. The cryptocurrency has emerged as a widely used medium of exchange in crisis-stricken countries such as Venezuela. Cryptocurrency developers are increasingly urging their followers to send donations using the altcoin.

Increased usage should strengthen the coin’s prospects in the industry. When it comes to investment, timing is very important. While the likes of Bitcoin command wild price fluctuations, Nano has remained relatively stable. A spate of positive news and technical improvements has helped push its value up, affirming its long-term prospects.

Risk Disclosure

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