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Crypto Summit 2018 Looks To Confront Blockchain “Chasm”

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Crypto Summit 2018 Looks To Confront Blockchain "Chasm"

It is ten years since blockchain technology first made the news. In the period, the technology has seen a lot of hype, controversy, and criticism. Interestingly, people seem to discover new things the technology can do every other day. A good occasion to share latest developments is through summits. For the remainder of this year, there are various blockchain summits lined up. Potentially the most important, Crypto Summit 2018, is right around the corner.

Unsurprisingly, all the summits seem to have a common thread running through them. They all want to ascertain whether it is time for mass adoption of blockchain technology. One of the most important summits coming up is the Crypto Summit 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. The much-awaited two-day event is in its third edition.

Crossing the Chasm

According to a news release, the summit will tackle the issue of adoption of blockchain. Perhaps more captivating is the theme of the event. As per the news release, the summit will pose the question: “where do we stand with mass adoption and what barriers still lie ahead?” In an attempt to answer the question, the summit will commit itself to unravel the theme: “Crossing the Chasm: Mass Adoption of Blockchain.”

Importantly, the summit will want to determine if the world has already come into the period of mass adoption. However, like other summits, it will also dedicate its energy to what happens next after mass adoption. According to the conference organizers, what happens after is as important as the adoption itself.

In fact, the management consultant and organizational theorist, Geoffrey Moore, says,

Crossing the chasm is not the end, but rather the beginning, of mainstream market development.

The conference organizers will steer the summit along these wise words. After all, the summit has interest in the future of blockchain as much as the present.

Delta Summit among Blockchain Summits Lined Up

However, this year’s edition is also a critical opportunity to addresses the challenges of cryptocurrency. This is because cryptocurrencies are not doing as well as last year. In fact, most digital assets are down over 60% their 2017 value.

On the other hand, the CryptoDaily reports that the Delta Summit will go down this year in Malta. This is another in blockchain summits lined up and will tackle innovation and regulations in the blockchain ecosystem. Fittingly, the event happens in Malta, a country that is the champion of cryptocurrency.

Particularly, the summit will tackle the regulations issue. Attendees will try to come up with all the ways to achieve regulatory clarity. This way, the crypto-space will be safe enough to accommodate all aspiring investors.


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