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Crystal Blockchain To Improve Investigative Capability

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Crystal blockchain's new update brings powerful tools and features.

A top blockchain technology service provider, Bitfury Group, has announced the release of the latest version of its blockchain analytical tool. For some quick background information, Bitfury Group is the parent company of blockchain app developer Crystal Blockchain. In particular, the new 1.6.0 version of the custom-made Bitfury blockchain analytical tool features analytical support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Apart from its support for BCH, the Bitfury Group developed the latest version to improve its user experience. Well, this functionality will enable the BCH community to analyze addresses as well as map out suspicious transactions on the BCH blockchain. By incorporating many entities in the Crystal database, there is also SegWit address support. Therefore, SegWit address support enables users to analyze entities and their corresponding addresses.

More Enhanced Features of Crystal Blockchain

In addition to these functionalities, version 1.6.0 has also improved upon some basic features. These features include:

  • Dedicating a page for viewing custom scripts. With this improved feature, users can now view scripts in HEX and ASM formats.
  • There are more requests for API users. This effectively protects them from abrupt interruption while using the Crystal.
  • In addition, version 1.6.0 has an updated scoring algorithm. With this algorithm, the analytical tool guarantees stability and scoring reliability.
  • The user interface has been improved, making Crystal API more intuitive.
  • Finally, the latest version holds 100 entities in its database, which covers about 1.3 million blockchain addresses.

These are the major improvements that the latest version will offer to its supportive users.

Official Remarks

Michael DuBose, the President of Bitfury Group’s subsidiary, Crystal Blockchain Inc., sheds light on the development. DuBose said that they are working around the clock to make Crystal a topnotch tool for cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis. He pointed that the addition of Bitcoin Cash will enable law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to carry out improved blockchain investigations.

About Bitfury Group

For the knowledge of all and sundry, Bitfury Group is a leading name in the world of blockchain technology. The company aims to prioritize trust and transparency by developing relevant tech-driven solutions. As a result, Bitfury Group focuses on security, hardware and software.

In the area of blockchain technology, they seek to develop capabilities that will help to better secure the ecosystem. To this end, the Group has developed custom semiconductors and mobile data centers. In addition, Bitfury Group uses its private blockchain framework to provide some of the world’s more innovative apps.

Aside from blockchain and cryptocurrency investigations, the Group has also made appreciable progress in the area of an open-source lightning network to improve blockchain scalability.

Risk Disclosure

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