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Datometry Seeks To Expose Women To Emerging Tech

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Datometry Seeks To Expose Women To Emerging Tech

The world of technology today is different from the 20th century. Statistically, there are more women in the technology space then the years past. However, the number is still small compared to men. In short, men still dominate the field. In this light, Datometry seeks to present women to emerging technologies through events such as WomenHack.

Datometry announced in a press release that it will sponsor WomenHack. Hosted by TheExpatWoman, the event brings together women who participate in hackathons. This year’s event will take place in San Francisco on October 20th, 2018.

Sponsoring Hackathon to Present Women to Emerging Technologies

According to the news release, most hackathons have only 20% or less female participants. Similarly, the number of female leaders in the technology space is quite small. There are very few, if any, corporations in the tech sector with female executives. In this view, TheExpatWoman wants to shift the narrative by first training women to get the requisite confidence. This will help them compete favorably in the field and be able to give their contribution.

Basically, the event expects the participants to “hack solutions” to challenges that plague women in tech and computer science. Importantly, originality of the ideas submitted will count the most. In addition, participants will also design blockchain solutions to particular problems. In a sense, this will acquaint more women to the nascent technology.

Commenting on the development, Rama Saripalle, Sr. Director Customer Success at Datometry and a mentor at the hackathon said,

As a former software engineer and currently a mentor for women in corporate careers, I am very keen that girls and women be encouraged in tech careers so we can have equal representation at work.

Datometry Advancing Gender Equality in the Tech Space

Eventually, the idea is that more women will feel the attraction of a career in tech. This way, women will hopefully discover the solution to under-representation in the tech ecosystem. In addition, the event seeks to help the women already in the space to advance their careers. Further, WomenHack campaigns for equal pay and leadership opportunities for women in tech.

Additionally, Datometry is an important competitor in the data virtualization sector. According to a report by FINSMES, the company partners with other technology giants to bring data solutions to clients. The publication notes that Datometry raised funds in June “to accelerate product development”.

Therefore, sponsoring events such as WomenHack is strategic in placing the company ahead of the competition. The company understands that to have women gain access to emerging technologies is beneficial to both women and the market.


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