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DeepToken Exchange Is Redefining Project-listing Strategy

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The whitepaper of DeepToken spells out the purpose for which the exchange was founded. A glance through the paper, available on deeptoken[dot]com shows that it aims to achieve a couple of amazing things. These objectives include assisting authentic, valuable and promising AI companies with funding and allowing them to trade digital assets.

Also, there is a strategy the exchange has adopted to ensure that its beneficiaries have viable business models. Actually, this strategy is to have strict verification processes, which AI leaders and experts around the world support. Indeed, firms that pass this process will earn listing on the DeepToken platform.

Companies Pass through thorough Verification

In fact, the verification process is thorough, ensuring that investors are protected. Liken it to separating the wheat from the chaff. Well, that’s what DeepToken does, so that the market is not flooded with “empty projects”.

Today, plan is underway to introduce “Voting as Mining.” It’s a business model that would see the exchange select certain quality projects. The focus will be on the AI industry, though. It will interest you to know that DeepToken Exchange has the support of DeepBrain Chain. Perhaps you don’t know about DeepBrain Chain, or do you? Well, it is a global community of AI experts and enthusiasts. In addition, DeepBrain Chain recently launched an AI Training Net to expand and strengthen the community.

Looking to History

During the American Gold Rush era, the people who made it at the time didn’t mine gold, per se. However, they were those who provided the much needed tools for gold mining. Interestingly enough, the most common examples of such tools were pickaxes and water. Ironically, people would later learn that the demand for such tools was more lucrative than gold mining itself!

Relating all this to cryptocurrency, Binance was the biggest exchange during the bull run of 2017. The NEO system and the rise of token trading accounted for the exchange’s success. With a monthly trading volume of over 1 million, Binance became an industry giant. While the industry was growing like a wildfire, some empty projects occupied space. When the bubble burst, they started struggling. Indeed, they started lying to their investors. This struck fear into investors, leading to a bear market.

Focus of DeepToken Exchange

Without a doubt, DeepToken Exchange focuses on bright AI projects. By partnering with DeepBrain Chain, DeepToken Exchange supports these viable AI projects with funding, tokenization and listing. For its part, DeepBrain Chain provides the platform that ensures that continued development remains cost-effective. Not to mention that DeepBrain Chain is currently championing selecting qualified AI projects as a cause. In the end, successful projects will get DeepToken Exchange listing.


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