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Delion Makes IOTA Comparable to PayPal

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Delion Makes IOTA Comparable to PayPal

When the IOTA team kicked off the Delion API project, one challenge they had to grapple with was how to enable their wallets so that the users can exchange their IOTA within the wallet. Indeed, this worry took the center-stage given that the team had earlier faced a similar setback with the IOTA wallet. Yes, their first wallet didn’t allow users to use the same address multiple times. Even though the wallet, Trinity Wallet, could solve the problem later as well as offer other advantages, the team figured that it was not user-friendly enough.

The New Plan in the New Wallet

The team had an entirely new idea going into the development of the new wallet. Their topmost priority was how to enhance user experience and convenience. In fact, the IOTA team resolved to work on a technology that will enable users to send and receive IOTA without exchanging the boring cryptographic addresses. Boom! An idea came up; why don’t we do it the PayPal way, where all the receivers and senders need is email addresses? They queried. After a search engine research, they found no pertinent results.

Sending and Receiving IOTA Just Got Easier

As Delion API beta has launched, Delion users can now exchange IOTA with each other effortlessly. To get started, sign up at the Delion website. On the site, the sender will see a field to provide the email address of the receiver. Just input the receiver’s email address and the amount of IOTA you wish to transfer. Then, there’s a provision for the reason for the transfer. This is entirely optional. Upon confirmation on the Tangle mainnet, both the sender and receiver will get an email notification, stating that the amount has been transferred. No doubt, the transactions are “instant” and do not require the user to promote it on Tangle after submitting it.

Using Delion Payments

Presumably, one could be wondering what they could do with Delion payments. Not to worry, Delion offers users a simple money transfer solution. This is how it goes: Delion allows users to publish one email addresses where the IOTA will be transferred to. This is unlike a situation where the ecosystem asks the user to generate and publish new reception addresses before moving funds. So, this is quite unique. Also, the Delion API enables users an easy way to build and pay for across a wide spectrum of industries.

Future Endeavor

In the near future, the IOTA team is looking to launch “Delion Express Payments.” Notably, the team said that the project is already nearing completion. Additionally, it clarified that its function will honor transactions on the basis of the user’s account balance. In short, this payment method will ignore the Tangle confirmation rate to honor transactions where time is of the essence.


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