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Deloitte And Jupiter Chain To Forge An Exchange Platform

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Deloitte and Jupiter Chain

Singapore-based Jupiter Chain and UK-based conglomerate Deloitte have announced their business collaboration to capture the Southeast Asian market. Indeed, the two companies have perfected all the plans to launch a platform that users can monetize their data on. By connecting to the blockchain, the users can link up with businesses via the blockchain.  The partnership will see the two companies leverage their strengths, thus making the platform development possible. The union of Jupiter Chain’s blockchain solution and Deloitte’s regulatory risk management and technology services will deliver the unique platform.

Roles of Each Party

Deloitte has delivered its services across many areas of interests, thus carving a niche for itself in the global business environment. Certainly, the group has affected such areas as technology, governance, risk, compliance, and regulation. This data exchange platform aims to solve the issues related to unauthorized use of data.

To ensure that data exchange is safe, Jupiter Chain will enable secure data exchange through the platform. When this becomes the case, the platform will definitely secure individuals’ privacy. Also, data owners will have greater control over their data and gain enhanced access to customized services. Interestingly enough, the data owners are rewarded according to their contributions.

Deloitte Advises and Validates

Deloitte will play the advisory role as it concerns regulations, thus ensuring that data laws and GDPR are not flouted. On the technical end, the Deloitte team will review the architecture, processes, and design of Jupiter Chain’s blockchain. Additionally, Deloitte will validate its partner’s network nodes. In the end, the partnership will become the first of its kind between the group in Southeast Asia and a blockchain tech company.

Official Statements from Jupiter Chain and Deloitte

The CEO of Jupiter Chain, Daphne Ng, expresses optimism over the deal. Daphne said that they look forward to working with Deloitte in order to elevate their platform. She expresses hopes that the partnership will lead to the development of Jupiter Chain and make blockchain a ubiquitous technology.

In his contribution, the Deloitte Singapore Risk Adviser Director, Eden Spivakovsky, highlights the strides of the company. Spivakovsky said that Deloitte is on the forefront of tech innovation that drives business growth. He pointed out that they believe blockchain is an important enabler that will change the market dynamics. Also, Spivakovsky expressed his excitement that their team is collaborating with Jupiter Chain to deliver blockchain-based solutions to Southeast Asia. In conclusion, the Risk Adviser noted that their combined efforts would help to solve complex organizational challenges in the region.


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