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Blockchain Used To Manage Fresh Water In Atlantic Canada

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Fresh Water Blockchain Initiative In Atlantic Canada

There are various organisations, for profit or otherwise, collecting data on the health of fresh water in Atlantic Canada. However, there is little coordination and sharing of the data, making it difficult to enact decisions and policies. Therefore, blockchain technology managing fresh water is what concerns Atlantic DataStream.

Open-source Blockchain Data Sharing Platform

In a September 18th, 2018 press release, Atlantic DataStream revealed the intention to create a data hub. Further, the release says the project is a joint effort by The Gordon Foundation and Atlantic Water Network. Additionally, the RBC Foundation will provide the technical know-how. The data hub will run on the Ethereum blockchain network.

In Part, the News Release Reads:

Atlantic DataStream is an open-access platform for data sharing that allows users to access, visualize and download full water-quality datasets collected by monitoring groups, government programs, academics and industry from Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.”

Interestingly, the platform is quite different from the traditional data sharing platforms. Blockchain technology managing fresh water will be novel. As an advantage, the data stored on the platform is immutable. As a result, users will be able to follow the data changes over time. Subsequently, it will enable users to draw accurate conclusions regarding the state of the drinkable water.

Atlantic DataStream Managing Fresh Water to Ensure More Data Accessibility

It will be useless to collect data on fresh water if it is unavailable to people who need it. As per the press release, The Gordon Foundation observes that blockchain will facilitate more accessibility to the data. Communities, scientists and decision-makers will access data that is authentic. In addition, the blockchain technology will ensure the security of the data, keeping it unadulterated.

As per the release, “Blockchain is completely transparent and tells users the full story of the datasets they’re working with, starting from the moment the data is first created and shared.

Furthermore, the Atlantic DataStream project endeavors to make the data hub as diverse as possible. One of the underlying principles of the project is that anyone can add data to the platform. In fact, groups are free to describe the methodology used to collect the data. This will allow for data comparability across the entire region under the project. Interestingly, one can upload an entire field season on the state of fresh water onto the platform. As a result, it will be easy for entities to collect data during field work.

As per Sherry Campbell, president and CEO, The Gordon Foundation, “Atlantic DataStream connects people to data and encourages collaboration across jurisdictions so that policy-makers can understand what is happening upstream and downstream of them.”


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