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DNAtix Releases Blockchain Platform Demo To Help Manage Genetic Data

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DNAtix, launches the demo of its services.

While we have heard many times the instances of blockchain’s application in healthcare, here’s a new potential application in genetic services. Blockchain genetics company, Digital DNAtix Ltd., launched the demo of its blockchain-powered beta genetic wallet platform.

Innovative Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Services Platform

Currently, there are not many companies in the market which offer direct-to-consumer genetic services of the similar grade to DNAtix. The blockchain-powered genetic service by DNAtix specializes in “genome sequencing, testing, storage and transfer of DNA.

This is a proprietary technology by DNAtix for a dedicated blockchain allowing users to store, test, and securely transfer the DNA. Also, the launch of the demo gives the first glimpse into the path-breaking genetic services from DNAtix.

Furthermore, it demonstrates a clear path for future growth for the global genetic ecosystem. The blockchain-powered solution will allow users to share and explore their genetic makeup in different ways. Moreover, this occurs in a completely secure environment giving users full control over their data.

CSO of DNAtix, Dr. Tal Sines, says, “Genetics is not easy to understand if you are not an expert in the field. Implementation of blockchain and the use of ‘genetic tokens’ makes it even more challenging for the user. Our goal is to create a user-friendly experience, so people can get the most out of genetics.

Dr. Sines concludes,

“Direct-to-consumer genetic tests are here to stay. The secure and private DNAtix platform driven by blockchain technology will further increase global access to precise and personalized medicine.”

DNAtix Ecosystem Connecting Users

The blockchain-powered genetic ecosystem by DNAtix will help to link global users will common interests together. This can be users “seeking genetically-tailored health and lifestyle solutions with products and services providers“. Furthermore, it will also encourage a large number of users to participate in research while getting rewarded.

Ofer A. Lidsky, CEO of DNAtix, says, “We believe that the decentralized genetic blockchain ecosystem will grant users the ability to regain control of their genetic information and manage it as they see fit.”

Ofer further added, “Users should be able to decide what to do with their most private information – their genetic make-up – and, if interested, monetize this data through sharing it with researchers. By getting a chance to try out the DEMO, people can get an early feel of what’s coming.”

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