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Dogecoin (DOGE) Is Not A Joke; It’s A Revolution!

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Dogecoin (DOGE) is popular for something unique, the doge meme. In fact, many enthusiasts call it the joke coin. Others, on the other hand say that the crypto-sphere is a serious ecosystem. According to them, there is no room for jokers. Interestingly enough, the joke coin is creating wealth for its enthusiastic community. Say it is a joke taken too far, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Yes, DOGE is increasingly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the crypto markets.

Entering The Competitive Market

The virtual currency market can best be described as a dog eat dog milieu. No doubt, it’s not for casual jokers. Despite not hitting the $1 USD mark yet, the DOGE community continuously shows their support. In an industry driven by coin branding, infrastructural development, and social media marketing, DOGE is just the opposite. That’s partly why DOGE is seen as a joke!

When it launched in 2017, DOGE created immense wealth for the energetic community. From the look of things, history may just be about ready to repeat itself. Perhaps you may be wondering how we reached that conclusion. Don’t worry, the points below will definitely hit home.

  • Validity Vision of DOGE

The boom of the crypto industry compelled several issuers to release many altcoins. Sure, they were created for the sole purpose of taking advantage of the boom of the virtual currency industry. Now that the market is down, the altcoins come home to roost. Without a doubt, many of them have been reduced to shitcoins. Dogecoin, though, is boisterous and gallant, simply because the founders have a vision for it. As contained in its whitepaper, the developers are strictly working along the line of their vision, careful not to stray from the path.

  • Usability and Spend-ability

Here is another factor working for the coin and its burgeoning community. Designed to enable seamless transactions, DOGE is used to pay for anything. Just like the typical fiat currency, users spend Dogecoin with ease and simplicity. Again, its value proposition makes it amazingly usable and spendable. Not to mention that the Robinhood exchange listing is an influential plus.

  • A Wide Spectrum of Notable Merchants

Are you aware that BitBurgers, StrangeDonuts, BitcoinShop, and GamerzHeat accept DOGE? If you aren’t, you’d better keep that in mind. Yes, these are popular crypto merchants that accept your favorite altcoin. Give it a try right now; feel free to present your DOGE-loaded card, and watch the cashier accept it wholeheartedly. What more can a cryptocurrency enthusiast possibly ask for?

Last Words

With these few points and many others still, there is no argument at all that DOGE is in people’s minds, and increasingly so. You can call it a joke coin all you want, but that can’t take away the value it holds and adds. Truly, DOGE is taking important steps to remain relevant and create wealth. Lest we forget: like old wine, DOGE gets better with each passing day. Keep an eye on Dogecoin and see its value for yourself.

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