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Dogethereum: Ethereum-Dogecoin Alpha Release Drops Soon

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Finally, here it is! For so long we have been looking forward to the coming together of Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE). This is a comradely communion much relished. This bridge project between Dogecoin and Ethereum comes after a wholesome 13-month development period. Furthermore, the bridge amalgamating Ethereum to Dogecoin will make it very easy to move DOGE to the Ethereum network. Thus, the Dogethereum is born.

Where It All Comes From

To start with, thisproject between Ethereum and Dogecoin takes inspiration from the pace-setting work of Oscar Guindzberg and Ismael Bejarano. These two guys were fed up with the current state of affairs, and joined their brains to create the Superblocks protocol. In light of this, what is this Superblocks protocol? The protocol brings together transactional hashes from a Merkle tree producing a single unified block.

Taking a brilliant cue from the Superblocks protocol, the Ethereum-Dodgecoin bridge update will significantly reduce avoidable storage costs. It achieves this by working on a range of blocks. This is more effective when compared to storing individual headers.

Should you be interested as a developer, you can visit Github to acquire the open-source user guide for Dogethereum. Regardless, it is possible that few features could be missing from the fray. Yet, this could emerge as bugs in test frames. Speaking of which, it is actually advisable that developers use coins they are prepared to lose.

According to Guindzberg, the co-developer of the Superblocks protocol, it may not be the best practice to deploy coins to with you attach high sentimental value. By Sept. 5th, at 17:00 GMT, the Dogethereum team will live stream a demo of the bridge. This will give us a more practical feel of the beauty of this endeavor.

The Dogethereum Protocol Mystery

For a long stretch of time now, the Dogethereum protocol still retains its exciting spice of mystery. There is still much vagueness about the protocol. All the same, some time ago this year, Guindzberg and Bejarano told the world they will hard fork Dogecoin. This is intended at creating the DOGX token. Yet a code review clearly disassociates the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge from this – showing the latter as a totally unrelated effort.

Truebit Still in the Mix

Going further, TrueBit, a scalable protocol for blockchains, unleashed the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project. This would model a penetrable public art space. The peculiar project aims at becoming the “physical representation” of Dogethereum. This artwork results from the coming together of Bajerano’s company CoinFabrik and Truebit.


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