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Dream Chain Injects Innovative Blockchain Into Real Estate

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Dream Chain

The real estate industry is one of the oldest our civilization has. Naturally so, as we have been building houses since the dawn of time. However, it is quite disturbing that even as ancestral as the real estate industry is, some critical problems continue to bite at it. All the same, the solution has come in the form of blockchain from a group called Dream Chain.

Dream Global Partners (Dream Chain) is creating a stunning real estate blockchain platform bringing developers together with final users. The platform will largely boost the real estate industry. It will cut down on the rampant cases of forged documents and helpless frauds filling our ears all the time. How is this possible?

The Beauty of the Dream Chain Blockchain for Real Estate

Certainly, this will be a reality. To start with, Dream Chain’s blockchain technology engenders the storage of the ledger in a decentralized way. Furthermore, such documents will no longer need to be kept in the ownership or safekeeping of parties in a deal. Therefore, battles will no longer rage between trading partners over who keeps the documents. In addition to this, we will see increased transparency and clarity in how we carry out deals.

Security of transactions is assured on the blockchain platform. With the arrival of Dream Chain’s blockchain technology, speed and convenience also come in to play. Surely, the world deserves to know about this technology, right?

The Publicity this Technology Rightly Deserves

Hence, Dream Chain is embarking on an evangelism of this technology. We will see it in full light at the Real Estate Blockchain Expo 2018 in South Korea. This exposition begins on September 19th at COEX.  Significantly, this is one of the biggest shows for Dream Chain to dress up its new creation. From time to time, over 40,000 buyers, investors, and developers commune annually at this expo. Notably, the Real Estate Blockchain Institute (RBI) hosts this expo.

“On the 19th, on the first day of the Expo, during the ‘Block Chain Knowledge Forum’, we are expecting a big response to our business model,” said a representative of Dream Chain. “We will have concrete business discussions with VIPs and investors on the evenings of Sep 19-20. We will also explain our detailed business model with potential and current partners.”

Dream Chain will exhibit with Hdac Technology alongside six other strategic partners. About a month ago, Dream Chain memorably entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hdac technology.


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