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EOS (EOS) Price Forecast For Rest Of 2018

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EOS Price Forecast

EOS is definitely not your average cryptocurrency. At first glance it might look that way, but it is actually a new form of cryptocurrency that makes use of blockchain architecture in interesting ways.

This blockchain architecture was designed with the sole aim of enabling horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralized applications.

The Allure

The best selling point of this cryptocurrency is its scalability. It has the ability to support a lot of decentralized apps, up to a few thousand different applications.

EOS could be becoming the apple of the cryptocurrency world’s eye. Everyone wants a piece of EOS and that has benefited the digital currency greatly.

Up Or Down?

More interest from investors means more scrutiny from the cryptocurrency world; everyone wants to know about the token’s recent related market trends.

Token prices increased dramatically from mid-March until the end of April. Though this token’s price dropped off after that stretch, over the past couple months it has remained fairly stable.

Price Predictions For End Of 2018

There are many EOS related forecasts out there right now, but the most optomistic of them all for 2018 is $35. Multiple market experts expect this currency to pass the $35 threshold by the end of the year.

Way Forward For EOS

The multiple decentralized applications associated with EOS have ensured that the IT infrastructure needs of this company remain as low as possible.

EOS tokens can experience exponential growth only when “enterprise level” cryptocurrency clients begin making use of this platform.

Beyond 2018

No other current cryptocurrency has as much potential for long-term growth. The features of this cryptocurrency have put it in a position to lead the market.

EOS has proven itself to be the closest thing to a sure medium-term investment in the cryptocurrency world.

Market indicators keep pointing to the potential for this currency to keep increasing in price and market share for the foreseeable future.

Current Market Outlook

As of the time of this articles’ creation, the token is currently trading at $5.20 (USD). This cryptocurrency generally followed the downward trend of Bitcoin, but with BTC prices holding strong, EOS has done the same.

In Conclusion

This is a very interesting time for EOS. Whatever happens during the upcoming weeks is sure to be monitored closely around the world.

Is this market optimism misplaced or is this cryptocurrency really about to take the world by storm?


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