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German Stock Exchange Börse Stuttgart Set To Launch Its ICO

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German Stock Exchange

Many countries are enacting stringent laws to discourage issuers from rolling out tokenized ICOs. Germany, though, is on the flip-side. It’s encouraging institutions to embrace and explore unlocked blockchain potential. To this end, Germany’s second largest stock trading platform, Börse Stuttgart concluded all the necessary arrangements to churn out and launch its tokens.

Börse Stuttgart Plan Is Dual-purpose

Börse Stuttgart disclosed in a press release last week that plans are underway to not only launch its services on blockchain, but also develop a multilateral virtual currency trading platform. In May, the German exchange disclosed its plan to release a zero-fee digital currency trading app, Bison. Börse Stuttgart, whose trading volume sits at €81 billion (approx. $95 billion), stated that the public-oriented crypto trading app will release in September.

How It Will Work

Strategizing to develop an ICO platform and an on-chain stock marketplace, the exchange is targeting both primary and secondary markets. Giving more insight into how the exchange plans to run the new business, Börse Stuttgart notes that the primary ICO platform will facilitate representation of digital assets and rights, corporate financing, and token issuance. On the other hand, the exchange will focus on making the available services tradable in the secondary market.

The exchange’s CEO, Alexander Höptner, said  the move to develop the crypto-asset trading platform came to be in order to provide institutional and retail investors with a regulated and reliable trading ecosystem for digital currency trading. Höptner says that the platform will also enable tokens issued by the exchange that will trade against the secondary market. He adds the platform will be able to house existing digital currencies (BTC, ETH, etc) and emerging digital assets.

About The New App

Developed by a data analytics startup, Sowa Labs, Bison will enable traders to carry out important trading on the go. This will create convenience to such trading. Börse Stuttgart acquired Sowa Labs in December 2017 as a part of broader road map to actualize their digital transitioning.

Stock Exchanges Are Embracing Blockchain

Apart from trading cryptocurrencies, the latest trend shows more stock market exchanges exploring the possibility of leveraging the robust and secure blockchain technology to make their platforms more secure and efficient in service delivery. Take, for instance, a recent Cointelegraph report. It shows that the South Korean financial regulator, Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), is calling on other regulatory agencies and firms. They want them to research and develop blockchain technology in order to deploy the innovative technology in local stock markets.


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