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Shoppers in the global crypto community have a new reason to smile, as they can now buy up to 70 million household items. Indeed, this is a special offer from UK based marketplace The marketplace now accepts over forty cryptocurrencies. is MonetaryUnit’s latest acquisition. Importantly, the marketplace has launched an integrated marketplace for global crypto shoppers. This provides an opportunity for those cryptocurrency hodlers seeking to use their digital currencies as a payment asset. In fact, the company says that this announcement has propelled its daily trading volume to $15B USD.

MonetaryUnit’s MUE ramps up

Ever since the enterprise announced that it has acquired marketplace, the value of its coin, MonetaryUnit’s MUE coin has ramped up by 37% in value. The marketplace had just about three million shoppers by this time in 2017. Currently, is already experiencing a surge in demand from cryptocurrency communities around the world. Yes, these shoppers are looking to add MUE as their payment option.

According to’s CEO Bertie Stephens, there are some benefits a coin gets when it becomes part of the ecosystem. Stephens listed them as creating demand for the coin, helping to increase coin’s value and increasing its volume of trading. And he noted that any cryptocurrency community can apply to participate under certain terms and conditions.

Challenge of Cryptocurrency Adoption

MonetaryUnit Blockchain project’s Bryon Barnard gives insight into the challenges bedeviling the quest to push cryptocurrency to the mainstream. Barnard noted that the project seeks to end the decade-long misconception that the blockchain and crypto space are just for techies. He noted that online shoppers who used fiat-backed cards enjoy the ease of checkout that such cards give – something that the cryptocurrency industry hasn’t attained yet.

He reiterated that the marketplace is giving the global cryptocurrency community a rare opportunity to purchase items with just a click. The cryptocurrency proponent added that they could pay to multiple sellers with their preferred payment option.  Speaking further, Barnard pointed out that millions of everyday household items are available for purchase on the platform.

Objective of

Actually, is a marketplace similar to It uses its platform to connect thousands of sellers and millions of buyers around the world. So, the platform allows buyers to purchase directly from the sellers in one basket. As’s Chief Operating Officer Steph Fiala observed, one major setback to the cryptocurrency use case is slow adoption. Fiala nonetheless said that has come to rewrite the narratives.

Risk Disclosure

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