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Formosa Financial Partners With Wanchain

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Formosa Financial partners Wanchain.

The crypto-asset management platform, Formosa Financial, and a blockchain-based fintech firm, Wanchain, have finalized a new partnership arrangement. Chiefly, this alliance will enable Formosa Financial to link up digital currency communities and various assets. To this end, the crypto-asset manager will offer cross-chain transactions, decentralized applications (dApps) and off-chain services. In addition, Formosa Financial will have the capacity to serve more clients.

Meet Formosa Financial’s Partner

Wanchain has the objective of building cross-chain infrastructure to enable crypto-asset transactions. Going down to the nitty-gritty, Wanchain has been offering this service by implementing cross-chain transfer protocol. Furthermore, the fintech firm has cross-chain smart contracts and unique privacy protection features that power users to access a wide spectrum of distributed applications. In the end, these users will be able to access financial services such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), multi-asset ICOs, loans, and many others.

The Role of the Partners

This strategic partnership will enable Formosa Financial’s platform offer Wanchain immeasurable value as the latter seeks to enhance its services. To be sure, Wanchain puts in best possible efforts to improve its efficiency, safety and custom-made asset management services. By joining forces, the two partners will bring a new level of financial services to individuals and organizations within the blockchain ecosystem.

Official Statements

The CEO of Formosa Financial, Ryan Terribilini, brings the objective of the strategic partnership into perspective. Further, the chief executive said that Wanchain aims to bring interoperability to the blockchain, which he considers an asset to Formosa Financial. He expressed his excitement over working with the Wanchain team. In addition, the CEO pointed out that the partnership would open up opportunities within the blockchain-based financial ecosystem.

In his contribution, the CEO of Wanchain, Jack Lu, observed that the blockchain industry faces some setbacks at the moment. CEO Lu noted that his team is excited that Formosa Financial services. He said that their partner provides tailored banking and custody services for businesses that use the Wanchain platform. The chief executive added that it is even more interesting that Formosa Financial has the capacity to offer its services beyond Wanchain’s platform users.

Background Information

Wanchain is a blockchain platform that leverages its cross-chain smart contracts and privacy protection functionality to enable exchange of digital assets across blockchains. The company deploys cutting-edge infrastructure that simplifies the creation of distributed financial apps. Accordingly, these distributed apps enable individuals and organizations to access its financial services.

On the other hand, Formosa Financial is a platform that offers a one-stop shop for meeting critical financial services needs. On its platform, digital assets holders and blockchain developers can tackle the challenges of the blockchain industry.

Risk Disclosure

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