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FTFT (Future FinTech Group) Garners Global Audience

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Florida-based fintech and fruit juice-related products producer, Future FinTech Group Inc. (FTFT), has announced a new partnership. The company has gone into partnership with Nova Realm City (NRC). Part of the agreement is that the fintech firm will use the NRC name brand in providing Blockchain Education Courses. So far, the viewership of the live streaming has hit 1.5 million. In addition, Beijing-based Chain Future Digital Tech Limited prepared the online courses and are also operating it. Noteworthy is that Chain Future is a subsidiary of FTFT.

More Course-streaming Details

FTFT will use the platform because the latter brings live streaming to millions of online viewers. Yes, specializes in offering high-quality, interactive, and blockchain-powered educational experience. From the day the courses started on May 3rd to their last published on August 23rd, 2018, the platform aired 21 courses to date. Impressively, the 21 courses, in total, garnered 1.5 million viewers. In fact, one course once attracted over 310,000 viewers from around the world, making it the highest visited educational course ever recorded.

Currently, Future FinTech Group (FTFT) owns 5% equity interest of Nova Realm City. Likewise, Mr. Yongke Xu owns 55% equity interest of the same company.

About the Courses

The Blockchain Education Course offers organizations and individuals an opportunity to understand blockchain technology. Indeed, users of the platform enjoy the learning from the institution’s instructors. These instructors are professionals in their various fields, such as lawyers, investors, business leaders, and other top-tier scholars.

Also, the institution offers two main teaching methods: live streaming and regular onsite courses. There is no doubt at all that live streaming can generate revenues from many sources. These sources are regular sponsorship programs, title sponsorship programs and collaborations with blockchain companies. However, to harness all these fund-generating methods means that multiple advertising platforms are integrated onto the platform.

More Details on the Blockchain Education Courses

FTFT is currently working on its on-site courses as they will begin in October 2018. With each class having about 30 people, the company will generate over $72,780 USD from this mode of training. The plan is to launch on-site courses every quarter of a year with a revenue projection of $30,000 USD.

Indeed, the blockchain education institution has three different classes: beginner class, elite class, and advanced class. Though, they just added the fourth class to the list, called ‘market-oriented.’

The FTFT CEO Speaks

The Chairman and CEO of Future Fintech (FTFT), Yongke Xue, praised NRC for giving them their license.

Yongke explained that it’s an honor to have the license to run Nova Realm City’s blockchain education institution. He noted that they would leverage the influence of the instructing team, NRC, and a follower group to create a communication platform. Additionally, he says that the communication platform will capture members of the NRC community and Chain World Cyberspace.


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