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GoChain (GO) Has Enough Prowess To Oust Ethereum (ETH)

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GoChain has an impressive TPS speed.

When compared to other blockchain platforms like Ethereum, GoChain (GO) sets itself apart in a big way. GoChain is a programmable blockchain that is fast, secure, and green. Looking closer, GoChain has an MCAP of $26M USD. Indeed, the market cap of GO is minuscule when anyone compares it to those of ETH and ICX. Furthermore, someone may argue that the MCAP of GoChain still trails because its team launched its ICO in the middle of a bear market. To be sure, it was a wrong timing. Still, despite the turbulent market, the platform has earned a listing on the world’s leading digital currency exchanges, such as Binance, Bittrex, and Upbit.

Why GoChain Is Superior to More Preeminent Platforms?

Essentially, GoChain can be viewed as superior to ETH and NEO, which are some of the well-capitalized platforms in the cryptocurrency space. Let’s kick off the comparison with the transaction speed. While ETH has 13 transactions per second (TPS), NEO offers 33 TPS. Coming to GoChain, it has 1300 TPS, reaching vastly ahead of the other two. That’s not all. Another aspect worthy of mention is their consensus mechanism. ETH has Proof of Work, and NEO delivers Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT). Unlike both of those, GoChain has Proof of Reputation. This makes it unique.

The Experienced Team Members 

On paper, GoChain team is unarguably one of the most impressive teams in the entire blockchain space. The CEO of GoChain, Jason Dekker, is experienced in hedge fund management. A sneak peek into his professional background shows that he has managed a hedge fund of over $250M USD in assets. Similarly, the CTO, Travis Reeder, is experienced in building apps and infrastructure with over two decades of cognate experience. For instance, he pioneered, an IT firm that oversaw the development of serverless cloud computing.

More Team Members

Regarding the business development department, it is in the capable hands of Matt King. King finished not one but two Ivy League universities, Harvard University, and Yale Business School. More importantly, his work experience shows that he once worked for Microsoft and Stanley Morgan. Similarly, Ian Alexander heads the Customer Success unit. Some months back Alexander was with IBM’s Hyperledger until he moved to join GoChain. From the get-go, the team is very impressive as it is peopled with great minds, with just the right skills and experiences.

Expanding its Impact

To date, GoChain has one of the three fastest protocols with a live mainnet in the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space. GoChain is currently in the phase of expansion, and the team has released the names of the first five projects to launch on the blockchain. Also, other issuers are already developing 15 dApps on the GO Blockchain. GO has also gone into partnership with Microsoft Azure to drive enterprise adoption of blockchain-based customer support service. With all this, GO may yield high returns in the near future.

Risk Disclosure

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