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HashCash Gives Patients More Control

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HashCash Gives Patients More Control

HashCash has embarked on an ambitious project, all in an effort of protecting patient’s records in the healthcare sector. The California-based blockchain company plans to utilize the technology to give patients full control over their data. Besides that, the platform should also act as a safe haven for medical history as well as treatment records.

HashCash Blockchain Platform

The company hopes to differentiate itself from other firms offering similar services in the healthcare sector in a unique way. Therefore, HashCash blockchain will ensure people have control over their data as a way of ensuring privacy and data security.

The proposed blockchain platform seeks to track refugee’s medical records. However, it should also find widespread application in the traditional healthcare system. HashCash is planning to use its new blockchain system to replace current electronic record systems in the healthcare system. The fact that the current systems offer complete visibility into a patients’ database clearly shows why it calls for a more secure and reliable system.

By leveraging blockchain technology, HashCash should be able to provide a way of providing decentralized information. The same would come into being without compromising security or integrity. The platform should also enable large-scale collection of parents’ data while ensuring safe storage.

HashCash is eyeing collaboration with NGOs as a way of gaining access to refugees and immigrant’s healthcare data.

The speed and accuracy of diagnosis of machine learning tools are much more advanced than humans. With the creation of this blockchain based platform database of people across the globe can be hard to access without prior permission from the concerned individuals,said Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of HashCash.

Targeting Refugees and Immigrants

Participating refugees and immigrants will have an opportunity to grant or deny permission to their data for storage. Once granted access, HashCash hopes to achieve an overall digitized architecture based on the blockchain. The architecture would facilitate the pilling of fragmented data in one place but in a secure manner. Data owners will have complete authority over whoever gains access to the data and how it is used.

In addition, HashCash is planning to utilize blockchain technology to improve and enhance the supply chain of the food industry. Plans are underway to implement blockchain in the tracking of food items from manufacturers and farmers to end consumers.


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