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Hetachain: 3rd Generation Blockchain By Relam Investment

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As versatile as blockchain technology is, it isn’t without its own share of downsides. The 1st generation blockchain technology was quite simply a game changer and an eye opener. The 2nd generation blockchain technology was a slight improvement from the first. However, neither one of them is close to being perfect. Hence, a network called Hetachain is working on that.

3rd Generation Blockchain Technology

Like most other things, change and evolution are the only constant things in the world of blockchain technology. Consequently, this generation aims to improve on both the first and second generations. Slow transaction time, exorbitant network fees, overly congested networks, and excessive energy consumption. Certainly, those things have all plagued the 1st and 2nd generations.


Firstly, Hetachain is a revolutionary “hybrid” network of blockchains. It focuses on tackling the scalability issues associated with blockchain based digital assets.

Also, this network aims to realize an independent framework designed for usage on a truly industrial scale.

Actually, Hetachain consists of an ecosystem that makes use of a Heta App Store, smart contracts, Hetacoin, and cold and hot (warm) Heta wallets.

Importantly, the developers of this platform aim for it to improve “sensitive” sectors. These include financial investments, financial exchanges and healthcare, additionally.

Relam Investment LLC.

Interestingly, Relam Investment L.L.C is the product of a partnership between MIG Holdings and Vault Investments L.L.C. Also, MIG Holdings operates out of Vietnam and Vault Investments L.L.C operates out of the UAE

Furthermore, this organization focuses on investments in South East Asia, the Far East, Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

Indeed, Relam Investment recently launched Hetachain and its corresponding initial coin offering (ICO), a 3rd generation blockchain ecosystem. Certainly, this happened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, while speaking on this new ecosystem, Sultan Ali Lootah, CEO of Hetachain had the following to say,

“We are driving the whole world into a new ecosystem. Hetachain will be your enabler, your society, your business, and your social life. Hetachain is designed to be a diversified ecosystem crossing various sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, trade and transport. It will always upgrade with the changes happening in our societies. The ecosystem is empowered with a 3.0 Blockchain technology. And through it, we will provide our Smart Contracts, HetaCoin, Heta Wallet and other technologies.”

The Future of Hetacoin

Actually, Relam Investment aims for Hetacoin to become the most sought-after cryptocurrency on the market in the foreseeable future. In conclusion, Hetacoin recently launched their Hetachain Crypto-crowdsale ecosystem where customers can create their own initial coin offerings.


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