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HetaChain To Streamline dApp Pipeline

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HetaChain offers beginner developers an easy entry into the blockchain scene.

HetaChain is a blockchain company that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions with an emphasis on the financial services industry. Recently, the company came to the conclusion that it could effectively eliminate third-party intermediaries and disrupt the existing financial services industry. Strategizing to become a blockchain leader, HetaChain is pivoting to decentralized applications (dApps). According to HetaChain, for the average user dApps are extremely difficult to develop, manage, and implement.

Therefore, the company said that they would build a blockchain that would allow users to solve that problem. In particular, the blockchain is Heta Blockchain 3.0 Platform. Following the statement HetaChain issued, it pointed out that the solution will depend on the mainchain to tackle the problem. To clarify, mainchain is a location on the blockchain where users store their public tokens, allowing master nodes to validate them.

Functions of the Mainchain

In addition to storing tokens, mainchain can also generate private chains for interested businesses and other organizations. The mainchain operates with the aid of the platform’s native token, HETA. In effect, HETA will have two main functions: paying for transactions and rewarding the master nodes for verifying transaction blocks. With the reward system, the network can reach a consensus, as well as validate blocks on the private chains or mainchain. Moreover, the reward system will also enable the decentralized network to function.

How HetaChain works

Equally important, the HetaChain team firmly believes that user experience and simplicity can push cryptocurrency into the mainstream. With this end in view, it plans to use a drop-and-drag system to build dApps. As a result, beginners can give the development of dApps a shot. In addition, the company stated that anyone with little programming skill would be able to access and use the drop-and-drag dApp development platform.

Indeed, the launch of this platform will make HetaChain the first blockchain company to offer such a service. In fact, platforms that enable greenhorns to develop dApps through the HetaChain’s drop-and-drag dApp creation steps don’t exist in the current blockchain industry. When this platform is ready for use, it will become a great resource for enthusiastic beginner developers.

The HetaChain Vision

The financial muscle behind HetaChain, REALM Investments, believe that the platform will play a key role in achieving their company’s objective. Plans are underway to see to it that Heta Blockchain 3.0 Platform becomes a reality in no time. Needless to say, it would make it an industry leader. REALM Investments wants to empower businesses to execute smooth and fully automated transactions through the new platform. In an industry where no company provides such service, when Heta Blockchain 3.0 Platform launches, the feat will definitely make HetaChain the first among equals.

Risk Disclosure

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